Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Target 3-30-11 March 31, 2011

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Spent:  $9.06

Saved:  $11.oo

Total Value:  $20.06

55% savings


*Chunky Crayons for Ethan $1

*Diapers $8.99 each- $2.50 Target Q + $3. off manufacturer Coupon= $3.49 each or $.08 a diaper

We use mainly cloth diapers, except for at night and church.  That being said I don’t usually plan to use cloth diapers the first 6weeks or so that we have a new little person.  I know I could save more $$ but as far as I am concerned I have no desire to wash any extra laundry and also if breastfeeding doesn’t go well I would spend far more on formula for a year than I would have saved by using cloth for an extra 6weeks.


This is one of those times where buying smaller packages can really add up to big savings.  A large case from Sam’s/Costco averages $40 and will include roughly 6 small packs just like pictured above.  If I bought 6 @ $3.49= $20.94 netting almost $20 in savings.  That also means my price per diaper has dropped nearly in half.   There are pros & cons to using a big box store, but if one has slightly more time than $$ Couponing & Sale shopping is the best way to go!


Food Lion 3-30-11

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Spent:  $6.29

Saved:  $51.27

Total Value:  $57.56

89 % savings & FREE MILK Q up to $3.59


***************FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE******************

Best life buttery spread $1 each- $1 off Q= FREE

*butter is my favorite, but with as much cooking as I do, using margine really helps to cut down on the cost.

Milky Way Bars- FL had a Buy1Get 1 sale- there was a Q dispenser for Buy 1 Milky Way Get 1 Caramel milky way FREE–

so in the end I got all EIGHT FOR FREE.  These have already been stashed away to be brought out when we fill everyone’s easter basket 🙂



Do you remember the $10 Q I had from buying all that tuna- well I used it tonight to make my total so low

*Zucchini $1.49– will be making Zucchini Stir Fry w/ chicken added from HT sale:!/photo.php?fbid=1474510191909&set=a.1303343832857.44860.1508313568&theater

I have adjusted the sauce quite a bit to accomodate adding chicken & our family size!

*Kraft Cheese $.50 a pack

*RC Fruit Loops 3/$5 – $1 /off 3 Q= $4. – $3.59 Q FREE MILk= $.15 or so 🙂

*Broccoli bunch- needed for our stir fry

*Onion b/c I was almost out!


Harris Teeter Wednesday 3-30-11

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Spent:  $24.46

Saved:  $53.74

Total Value:  $78.20 or 69% savings

*Texas Toast Croutons $.09 after sale & Q

*Duncan Hines brownie mix FREE after sale & Q

*Pepperidge Farm cake $1.22 after sale & Q

*Kahiki eggrolls- $1.12, no NOT $.12 like I paid all last week, but I wanted to use my q before it expired!


*****Boneless Chicken Breast Buy ONE Get TWO FREE****

so $1.66lb…limit 6 packs…I WILL BE BACK!  That is a SERIOUS STOCK UP PRICE

I bought 6 packs and it was roughly 13lbs or so.  I will be back later in the week when I have a plan for what freezer meals to make with it!


Food Lion Tuesday 3-29-11

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Spent:  $25.85

Saved:  $33.18

Total Value: $59.03

56% savings, FREE MILK Q & $10 off Q good on next order


Decided to go back for more tuna.

Our church is collecting food and $.25 a can is a good donation price— of course FREE is my favorite, but I can’t always do that!

*Fruit Loops $1.66 or 3/$5 – $1 off Q= $4. /for 3 – $3.59 FREE MILK Q= $.41 or $.15 each

*Milky Way bars- BOTH FREE- they were on sale BOGOF & there was a coupon dispenser right in front for BOGOF–

Great for stocking up for easter baskets!

*Grapes $.99lb

*Cube Steak $2.99 lb

*Lettuce & Bananas just b/c


Harris Teeter Tuesday 3-29-11 SD

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Spent:  $15.05

Saved:  $63.97

Total Value:  $79.02

81 % savings & Q for FREE MILK 🙂



*classico spaghetti sauce


*1 container strawberries

*Kraft shredded cheese– found $1/off 1 Q


*****************not FREE***************

*bird’s eye veggies $.65

*18ct eggs $.49 after q

*Raisin Bran $1.09 each x $4.38 total – Value of FREE Milk $3.59= $.79 or $.19 each !!!

REMEMBER I AM GOING TO BE BUYING MILK REGARDLESS, so if I can get really cheap cereal that is a BIG plus!

*Quaker Squares $2.39– not cheap, but a nice splurge for someone who really likes this cereal.


Food Lion Monday 3-28-11

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Spent:  $21.32

Saved:  $23.32

Total Value:  $44.64

52 %savings, & $9.75 Q good on next order

Tuna & Tomatoes $.50 each- buy 40 get $10 Q good on next order–

that makes them $.25 a can.  I Bought 40, but i don’t think one of  them was scanned.  Oh well!

*cube steak $2.99lb…not as cheap as I like, but this is something that is almost always in my freezer.


HT Super Doubles Monday 3-28-11

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Spent:  $29.38

Saved:  $138.61

Total Value:  $167.99

83% savings

Did some shopping for a friend that is why there is so much stuff here.  Sorry, I forgot to take a pic of my freebies, but I know it was the

classico spaghetti sauce & all of the yogurt.

*Lysol toilet cleaner $.49 each

*Wholly Gaucomole $1.99

*Folgers coffee $.97 each

*Kraft cheese $.90 or so each

*Oscar Mayer ham $1 each

*Kahiki eggrolls $.12 each

*Furmano pizza sauce FREE

*furmanos tomatoes $.43 can– these are the LARGE cans

*Bird’s eye steam fresh $.65 I think