Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Harris Teeter 11-30-10 November 30, 2010

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Spent:  $41.98

Savings:  $90.85

Total Value:  $132.83

68% savings

Not too bad since I really didn’t want to go, and didn’t have a real plan of attack or grocery list before walking in the door.

*milk $2.47

*OJ $3.47

*RC Martha White muffin mix BOGO $.04 each

*Sister Shubert rolls $.89

*Triscuits $.85 after sale & Q

*Wheat thins $.85 after sale & Q

*Bertolli $2.88

*betty crocker cake mix & frosting $.25 each after all the sale & Q

*General mill cereal, buy 4 save $4 instantly- I averaged $FREE- $1 each!!!

*Helluva good dip $.69 –this is GOOD dip!

*Sour Cream $.40

*Yogurt–not as cheap as I would like-but my kids really like yogurt and it hasn’t really been on sale lately 😦

*Pam spray $1.

*glory beans FREE, I have printed lots of that Q and it is my mission to be WELL stocked before it expires 12-31

*pumpkin puree $1.25, replaced what I used last week 🙂

*ghiradelli chocolate bars FREE

*Lettuce, tomato & cuccumber— I really need to get back to ALDI, if I must be buying iffy out of season produce, I should at least not be overpaying!



CVS 11-27-10

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Spent:  $31.94

Saved:  $91.02

Total Value:  $122.96

74% savings

with 25 ECB left for later 🙂


It was a very SWEET Thanksgiving sale.  My favorite store was VERY well stocked and I didn’t even get any RainChecks.

*ZuZu Pets BOGO, or $5 each

*M&Ms BOGO, after Q $2.50 each, will be need for lots of Christmas cookie decorating!


I also had Q for most items so I was able to really GROW my ECB today.

All of my matchups came from

*$3.99 ECB WYB Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste 6oz., at $3.99 Limit 2

-$1 off Colgate Total or Sensitive toothpaste, 4 oz +, SS 11/14

FREE plus $2 profit

*$6.99 ECB WYB Eucerin Daily Skin Balance Body Lotion 8.4oz, $6.99 Limit 1  FREE

*$3.99 ECB WYB Herbal Essence Hydralicious Hair Care 10.1oz, $3.99 Limit 2 FREE plus made $1
-.50/1 Herbal Essences or Aussie hair care, RP 11/14

*$2.99 ECB WYB Listerine Pocketpaks 3 pk., $2.99 Limit 2
Manufacturer Coupon -.50/1 Listerine PocketPacks 24ct+ RP 1/03, 3/07, 4/11, 5/16, 8/01, 10/10
(makes it FREE plus $1 profit)

*99¢ ECB WYB Carmex Lip Balm 0.15--.30/

1 Carmex lip balm, SS 11/7
(makes it FREE plus profit!)0.35 oz., at 99¢ Limit 1

*$4 ECB WYB Old Spice Fresh Collection or Gillette Odor Shield Deodorant 2.6 oz., at $4 Limit 1

-$2 off Gillette deodorant, PG 10/31 (makes it FREE plus $4 profit!)

*79¢ Reese’s Singles 1.4-2 oz., 79¢ Limit 5 (makes it FREE)

great for gift baskets & stocking stuffers!

*$1.59 ECB WYB Mars King Size Assorted 1.94-3.63 oz., at $1.59 Limit 5

*$6.99 ECB WYB Philips In-Ear Headphones or Universal Remote, $6.99 Limit 1

(makes it FREE)

*$2.99 ECB WYB L.A. Looks Styling Gel 20 oz., at $2.99 Limit 1
(makes it FREE)

*$4.99 ECB WYB Renpure Hair Care at $4.99 Limit 2 (makes it FREE)


I started out with 4 ECB and I did 3 transactions to lower my out of pocket expense.  I know I could have gotten my total a little lower, but I had a lot of stuff and it was very tedious.  I am content with my total considering I still have 25 ECB to spend later!  


Harris Teeter 11-27-10

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Spent:  $14.88

Saved:  $66.00

Total Value:  $80.88

82% savings

& $3 CAT Q good On Your Next order from Kleenex

*crsico $1.40- an okay price per ounce, but really I like it for the convenience!

*Mariani dried fruit $.50

*Cookie mix $.70

* 2xRC Martha White BOGO, $.04 each

*Kleenex 6x $.88= $5.28- $1.76 Q savings = $3.52 ,

& get $3 Q on next order, so basically 6 for $.52 or $.09 each

*Sugar Cubes $.80- great for decorating our annual ginger bread villages!


Harris Teeter 11-23-10

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Spent:  $135.78

Saved:  $175.97

Total Value:  $311.75

58% savings


Sorry I haven’t posted anything during the last few weeks.  Life has been a little hectic.  Anyway, no real details today.  I had a lot of good buys and then I had a few splurges on items that I wanted/needed for the holidays.

*Had a Rain Check for the deli meat Buy 2 Get 3 Free.  (I had no plans to eat leftover turkey all weekend!)

*OJ $3.47, I know not ultra cheap, but OJ has been hard to consistently get for cheap.

*Cool whip $.50 after sale & Q

*Raisins $1.62 each

*Stove top $.75- I know other places had it for cheaper, but I wasn’t interested in going all over the place!

*Bagesl $1.99

Sorry don’t remember much else!


Harris Teeter 11-16-10 November 17, 2010

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Spent:  $56.56

Saved:  $157.01

Total Value:  $213.57

74% savings


I must confess, I thought I was going to spend A LOT MORE this week.  I knew I was going to be buying a lot of more expensive items for the holidays, but the sales were great and I focused on free/cheap items.  I also had $16 in CAT Q from a few weeks ago, so that helped bring my total down.  I also took some time to stroll up and down the wine/beer aisle and found $7 worth of Q that I used today.  One of the best Q was save $3 on a purchase of turkey.  HELLO, I already had a turkey in my basket!  I also found hang tags for $2 off ANY CHEESE.  I already had shredded cheese in my cart.  I had planned to pay $.65 a pack, so since this was a higher  dollar amount Q  than mine I decided to go get more cheese.  I still paid $.65 each, but I walked out with 5 packs instead of 2 like I had planned.

*Turkey $.39 lbx 12lb turkey =$ 4.69 – $3 Q= $1.69 or $.14lb

*Lysol toilet bowl cleaner $1 each (not best price, but I would hate to run out and have to pay full price!)

*Crisco sticks $1.39

*Sunmaid Raisins $1.62 each (I ordered more Q b/c we can eat a lot of raisins in a year)

*Mariani banana chips FREE after Q

*Mariani dried pineapple $.50 each

-these coupons were not in my inserts so I bought 20 off of ebay for around $1.50.  the sale will be going until the end of the month, so I should be able to get lots of dried pineapple, yogurt covered raisins & banana chips.   I have NEVER noticed these b4 I probably wouldn’t have bought them w/o the Q.

*Martha White corn muffin mix $.10 each

*Hillshire farm shaved deli meat $2.40 or so

*Pineapple evic special $2.99

*Krusteaz pancake mix $1.29 evic special

*Kraft shredded cheese $.65

*mazola spray $.49

*Hellman’s mayo $1.35

*8 o’clock whole bean coffee $1.87

*Nestle tollhouse cookies $1- I can’t make homemade that cheap!

*Helluva good dip $.89

*Milk $2.47

*eggs UGH should have bought more last week when on sale!

*Libby pumpkin puree $1.25 each…

I know Aldi is probably cheaper, but I don’t really want to make an extra trip just for that!

I don’t know I will check the fliers maybe b/c I make pumpkin bread & pumkin pancakes year round.  I didn’t make much this year, b/c last year there was a legitimate pumpkin shortage, so it was harder to find last year.  At least we had processed our pumpkins into puree so it we had some.


*Kleenex tissues $.10 each

NOPE, I didn’t mistype that!  There is a CAT promo going on right now…

buy 6, get $3 CAT good ON YOUR NEXT ORDER.
I used two Q $.50/on 3 so after my Q doubled I saved $2.

Kleenex 110ct $.88 x 6= $5.28

– $2 in Q= $3.28, and then get $3 CAT back.

I had problems with the Q doubling so I think I ended up paying $.10 each.

I bought some more Q today, so hopefully I can do the deal a few more times.


Harris Teeter SD Tuesday 11-9-10 November 10, 2010

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Spent:  $42

Saved:  $151.34

Total Value:  $193.34

78% savings


It has been a long week.  I did a lot of shopping tonight.  I shopped for 2 friends although I am not going to post a picture of the 36 jars of baby food I bought for the one friend.   I got lots of the same stuff I have been buying all week, and anything that I wanted that was out of stock I got RC for.  I have more Martha White Coupons coming in and I have RC to cover about half of them;  and the rest I will just buy corn muffin mix.

*Martha White Corn Muffin Mix $.59 (regular price) – after my $.55/2 Q doubles I pay $.04 each!

I used to buy corn muffin mix all the time from Aldi- I never got it this cheap!

*Baker’s Joy- $2.89(regular price) – $1 off Q Doubled= $.89 each

Yeah, I found 2 that someone had set down somewhere in the store!  I love this stuff!

*Bush’s grillin beans FREE

I am so thrilled to be getting so stocked up on beans.  We eat lots of beans around here, and normally we eat “dried” beans once a week or so.  Lately, my schedule has been too busy to remember to soak the beans 😦  So this will be a great compromise!

*Washing Soda- $1.69

I make my own detergent and this is one of the main ingredients.  I also have VERY HARD water and this is a water softener.  I have noticed since I started adding 2-3T to every load my clothes seem to be coming cleaner.  I try to only buy it during Super Doubles b/c it is $2.69 normally so after my $1/off 2 Q it makes it $1.69.  Harris Teeter is also the only place locally that sells it, so I am stuck with their price.

*Crisco sticks $1.39

I LOVE THIS STUFF.  I have more Crisco Q coming in and I plan on using a bunch of them to buy more sticks.  I make a lot of frosting & fondant during the year and I love knowing that my shortening is pre-measured and no one has doubled dipped from something else and contaminated my shortening.  I still keep the large cans around for greasing the griddle or making stuff just for us, b/c these are too expensive to justify using for everything.

*Lindsay olives. $2.89 (regular price) – $1 Q doubled=$.89

I found printable Q from facebook yesterday.  As soon as they printed I thought they looked fake, but they scanned with no problems.  I got them from a reputable place, but I think b/c my printer was on the economical setting it just looked off!

*Low Sodium Kikkoman Soy Sauce $.50

– the smaller bottles that would have been free were out of stock!  That is okay, I would rather have the Low Sodium stuff.

*Green Giant Canned Veggies B2 G3 Free, after Q $.30 each

great price for stocking up or donating

*Nutella $1.99- SWEET great for baking!

*Burleson Honey $5.99

*Sun Maid Raisins BOGO @ $4.25

I hadn’t even noticed these being on sale.  But there were $1 off /2 Q in the paper so that meant $1.12 for EACH CAN.

I ordered more Q b/c the sale is still going on the raisins although my Q won’t double but that is okay I can live with $1.62 a can.

I think this & the other dried fruits are some more items that really only hit rock bottom price once a year.

*Krusteaz pancake mix $1.25- I guess there will be no more, the CAT machine didn’t give me another Q 😦

*Thomas Bagels – $1.99 evic substitute.  My store didn’t sell the Nature’s Own bagels so they were willing to substitute these.  It never hurts to ask!

*College Inn Broth- FREE

I am so glad I bought these Q!  I am getting a very full stock of broth.

*Tilapia $.65 a pack- used $1 off Winetags that Doubled so I saved $2 per pack.

* also found some miller light mail in rebates good on $3 back off purchase of $10 of Steak, Chicken, or Seafood.  & Another one good for $3 back off purchase of $10 of ham or turkey.  Hello, those should be easy to use!  And again no alcohol purchase required.  I also found 2 wine tags save $1 off purchase off butterball turkey.  I don’t know the price of butterball so I don’t know if it will be worth the extra $$.



Harris Teeter Super Doubles Monday 11-8-10 November 8, 2010

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Spent:  $38.14

Saved:  $139.90

Total Value:  $178.04

79% savings

I did some shopping for a friend tonight that is why there was so much stuff!

Lots of the same stuff I have been buying all week.  It has been a great week and I have spent very little Out Of Pocket.

*Burleson honey $5.99 for 40 oz.

That is a pretty good price.  The only place I get honey cheaper is Sam’s, but unfortunately almost every time we get the 5lb container of honey it crystallizes before we finish it.

*Krusteaz pancake mix $1.25 –

I know not ultra cheap, but I love the blueberry pancake mix and every time I buy 1 the Catalina machine spits out another Q!

*Bumble Bee tuna pouch FREE

*Oreos $1.99 with purchase of milk—HELLO that was an easy requirement to fulfill!

*Crisco Sticks $1.49-

I know overpriced per ounce, but I know I get perfect CRUMB FREE shortening every time I use them to make frosting or fondant.

*2 Nutella $1.99 each

*3/4 lb tilapia $1 after sale & Q

*eggs $.77 great price- not like it really mattered.  I buy eggs almost every week regardless of price.

*Green Giant Veggies $.30 a can- great price for donating

*Bush’s grillin beans FREE

*Martha White Muffin Mix $.03 each  – great to donate

*Craisins B2G3 FREE $.74 a pack after sale & Q


When I was at Skeet Club Rd store I was able to use a $5/ off $20 purchase from Kerr Drug- which just happens to be in their parking lot!

I also used 5 x $1 off total grocery order- those DOUBLED to save me $10.  That was a huge find with all those wine tags.  They have saved me so much $$ this week.   I don’t feel the least bit guilty for taking them off the wine bottles b/c the coupons state VERY SPECIFICALLY—- NO ALCOHOL PURCHASE REQUIRED.  Of course the wine maker would prefer me to use their coupon and buy their wine, but they can’t REQUIRE IT.   Lucky me 🙂

I have a few more things to pick up tomorrow.  Tomorrow trip will be pretty expensive b/c I need to get some higher dollar items that I have been putting off getting.   It has been a GREAT super doubles.