Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

UGHH WALMART 1-28-10 January 28, 2010

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I ventured out to walmart tonight with a small list.  I originally went in search of waterproof winter gloves…as you can see I found NONE.  I did however come home with the exact size air filter needed and Brad didn’t have to cut it to fit like he normally does!

I did get a few good deals.  I had 4 Qn’s for Heinz Ketchup left that I bought off of ebay, so I got 4 x 40 oz = $.83 each

Mac & Cheese 8 boxes +$.57 each

the above two items have definitely been my squirrel item this week.  I know have 24 boxes on Mac&cheese in addition to the 12 boxes set aside for the feeding 5,000 program the church is doing in March.

I also bought 4 packs of single serve spam for Brad

used a 2- BOGO Qn’s = $.49 each!

2 pks yoplait fiber plus for $1.12 each

Qn’s would expire b/4 I would make it back to HT so I decided it would be better to overpay by a few pennies!!

So after Qn’s and too many extra’s I spent =


So glad I don’t go to Walmart that often anymore.  I just kept thinking of extra things I wanted to look at.  Plastic bins, gloves, plastic sheet protectors, compare price of this item or that…very draining!


Just a little math…January to date!

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Harris Teeter:

spent $618.07
+savings $990.83
+total value:$1,608.90
% saved: 62

spent: OOP: $74.75
savings-$213.81 -Qn’s
+ (ECB used above 103.98)
total value:  $392.54
% saved: 81%


HT 1-26-10 January 27, 2010

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HT not too impressive tonight.

Spent $108.20

Vic+Qn $144.83

Total Value $253.03

43%savings  😦

So the good things.  I bought 15 P&G items and took off $5.

Bought Mission tortilla’s $.40 a pack.

This is one of those times it would have come in handy to have access to multiple places to print the qn!   We eat a lot of tortillas.   This and the other Old El Paso tortilla deal could easily be a good “squirrel item”   Tortillas are up to $1.29 at Aldi and slightly less at Sam’s!

Bought Kraft Mac& CHeese Qn’s & Heinz Ketchup Qn’s off of ebay for less than $2. each.  Used My Qn limit on both transactions.  Even after buying qn’s I spent around $.35 on each 20 oz bottle of ketchup  I also got each box of Mac&Chesse for around $.45 each.  Only slightly cheaper than the sell, but it is hard to know what the rock bottom price is and when to hold onto a Qn and when to use it.  I guess i will know over time!

I had a few mistaks.  I bought 3 boxes of Betty Crocker muffin mix…unfortunately I tried to use 3 Duncan Hines Qn’s…oops!

I also bought the wrong packages of Johnsville Italian Sausage.   The sale was for the ground Italian Sausage or Breakfast links…both of which were gone… I paid $10.58 for 40 oz and at least I had $2.20 worth in Qn’s! so I only really paid $8.38…still not very good.  Sam’s would have been far better.  Oh well.  that really emphasis the point of needing to read carefully!

I also spent around $10 on the measly produce shown above!  I am ready for summer to come back around and fresh stuff not be so expensive!  Especially, when it is coming from out garden!

So all in all a SO-SO Night at both HT and CVS!


Regina CVS 1-26-10

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$15.54 OOPThis trip had lots of problems so I will just give the highlights.  The labels were situated so it looked like the salsa was also part of the $20/10ECB promo.  It wasn’t!  Wasted a qn!  Oh Well!  Overcharged for tostitos first time around, so that and bought salsa and of course since it wasn’t part of promo ECB didn’t print out, but a Qn for $25 CVS giftcard with Xfer of Rx did print out.  I am rather excited… I can play with my “MONOPOLY MONEY” and use the giftcard for my OOP $ needed!  How cool will that be????!!!!

Anyway when it was all said and done I did two transactions used 10 ECB,  $3.10, + Qn $5. off $20 purchase got back 10 ECB and spent $15.54 OOP

I am not going to detail everything, b/c it is too confusing.  I had to get a refund for the wrong price of tostito chips + qn value.  Added two more 12pks of pepsi and then did transaction #2 and 10 ECB printed out.

What I did learn is to be VERY VIGILANT about reading the signs.  In this case the salsa was situated with the chips so it looked as if it counted toward the  buy $20/get 10 ecb deal.  I was wrong.  B/c of this there was a lot of hassle and easily 10 extra minutes at checkout to figure it out!  I also overpaid for the salsa versus saving my Qn for HT I could have done better.

But the point is that I still got a lot of stuff for $15.54, just not as good as I have done in the past.

I did still get 10 ECB back so in the end that means I really only paid for the salsa!

I do however now have a Qn to get a $25 giftcard when I get a Rx filled.

Maybe next week will be better.  I have heard there will be a diapar deal next week!

****Side note I did get a 6 pk SCOTT paper towels for $3.99 after sale and Qn! ***That was the only thing that went right!

***Also tried to buy the Almay ECB deal like I did with Brad’s card on Sunday…but they wouldn’t accept the manufacturer Qn that printed from Target’s website.  I guess that is dependent on what staff knows/doesn’t know!  It clearly stated “manufacturer coupon”  but the store manager said b/c it had a target logo, target had paid or was paid to advertise it ???  Not sure???


CVS 1-24-10

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what can $10 OOP get you?

Okay so tomorrow is Brad’s birthday.  The only place with Edy’s IC on sale was CVS …how sad.  I HAD to go to CVS!

So I started this week with 10 ECB and got all of this using 3 transactions.  I only paid $9.63 Out Of Pocket (OOP), used 27ECB and $25.75 in Qn’s ($10 good only at CVS!)    The only bad thing is that “Brad” is out of ECB.  I used the last 10 accumulated on the Ice Cream, Cherry Cokes & Pringles…

  • Transaction #1 went like this:

2 Dove Deodorant-2 for $7/ got back 2 ECB,

had 2/$2 off Qn= $1. for 2 after Qn & ECB

1 Crest toothpaste  $1.99-.75 Qn- 1ECB=.24

1 Almay mascara $5.99-$1. Qn-4Ecb=$.99

Ester C vitamin C BOGO@$10.79-$2. Qn= 2 for $8.79

Had 10ECB from last week, also had $5./off $20. purchase

after Qn’s, ECB +tax paid $4.63 OOP

got back 7ECB

  • Trans #2:

2 Gatorade=$2.50 -1 Qn’s =$1.50

3 True North Nuts= $9.-$2.Qn’s $7.00

3 Stacy Pita Chips=$9. -&2.Qn= $7.00

Also used $5/0ff $20 purchase Qn

7Ecb from previous transaction =

$4.00 OOP

got back 10 ECB

also plan on filing a rebate from PepsiCo for $7.50

so above will be completely free!

  • Transaction #3:

BOGO EDY’s Ice Cream@ $5.99

2 cherry cokes = $2.98 – $1. Qn’s $1.98

2 Pringles=$4.58 -$2. Qn’s= $2.58

Used above Qn’s + 10 ECB =

$.99 OOP

no ECB left for next week, but got ice cream and lots of other stuff for $10 of real money.  Yes I know many of these items can be had for cheaper, but when playing with “monopoly” money sometimes you pay a higher price just to work the system.  Where else could I have gotten all of the above items for only $10 OOP?  Even with my $15 in Qn’s?


“Saving Money Using the Squirrel Method!” January 25, 2010

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If there is one thing I have learned while budgeting is that the only thing better than a good deal is several good deals…

In our home we call this the squirrel system.
Each week I have a certain amount of money in my budget for things like groceries, necessities, cleaning supplies… so on and so forth. Each week I also allot about $10.00 for my squirrel system.
Imagine that my monthly budget for shampoo and conditioner is $15. Now, imagine I walk into Wal-mart, coupons-in-hand to find that my favorite brand of shampoo and conditioner is revamping it’s bottle style and all of the ‘old’ bottles are on sale 50% off… in addition to that, I have several coupons for $1.00 off. Do I grab one bottle? No! I buy as many of those bottles as my budget and squirrel system allowance will allow!
Why would I do that, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you!
Imagine you are a squirrel… Winter is coming and you have a limited amount of supplies, a limited amount of time and a limited amount of man power. You are traveling around the neighborhood and JACKPOT… a yard full of nuts! Do you, the squirrel, collect one nut? two nuts? three nuts? Of course not! You collect as many nuts as possible in the amount of time with the amount of resources you have available to you…
Do you see where I am going with this?
Times are hard… You work, you have kids (or both), you have limited time, limited resources and you have found a preverbial jackpot of savings! Get to gathering, honey! Winter is coming! Okay, maybe winter isn’t on the way, but you get the picture!
The only thing better than one smoking hot deal is several smoking hot deals! The only thing better than saving $4.00 for shampoo and conditioner is saving $12.00 for shampoo and conditioner!
Now imagine you utilize this system for everything you buy! You print the coupons for the laundry detergent and instead of paying $6.49 a week for laundry detergent you use your coupons and store discounts to get 2 bottles for $1.00 each after discounts. You have now saved $10.98! What if you print two at home and your husband prints two at work? You just saved $21.96! Now we’re talking!
Now imagine you have printed Johnson’s Buddies Soap coupons and received 6 of them free, you redeemed your CVS Extracare Bucks for three free tubes of toothpaste and Walgreens is offering a full rebate if you buy scrubbing bubbles… Now we are talking savings!
Now, think ahead even further… Several weeks have passed. You now have lots of items stored…
You will begin to find a place in your financial life where you are no longer living ‘paycheck to paycheck’ as far as supplies, necessities and essentials are concerned. Long gone are the trips to the store to buy shampoo, conditioner, laundry detergent, dish detergent, fabric softener and paper towels… all at regular retail or pennies off the dollar! Soon will be the days where you are buying strictly based on what is an incredible deal and/or what you are soon to run out of!
Once you are in a position where you are stocked up on all of the things you need, you will be able to devote your entire budgeted amount towards those incredible deals…
And I am going to teach you how to get most of those things for free or nearly free!
Stay Posted!

Pretty Good Night! 1-19-10 CVS & HT January 19, 2010

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Tonight went well I  did 2 transactions at CVS.

Transaction # 1

6-12pk Pepsi products $20.00

10 ECB back

2- Revlon Nail Polishes- $4.99

BOGO + $2. off Q from newspaper $.25 EACH

1 Revlon Color STay Foundation $12.99

75% clearance + $2. off Qn =$1.25

Total=$28.24 – 2/ $2.  Qn = 11 ECB from last week

$15. 43 OOP +10 ECB for next week

+pending mail in rebate from PepsiCo $7.50 back after purchasing $20 worth of product.  So basically free +$2. after rebate & ECB!

Transaction #2

“Brad” started with 14 ECB.  He only purchased:

6-12pk Pepsi products: $20.

Total $21.55 – 14 ECB= $7.55 OOP

+ 10 ECB + pending rebate from PepsiCo $7.50- so “made” almost $10 after rebate & ECB

CVS totals:  $22.98 OOP  with 20 ECB back for next week

+$15. in pending rebates!  Very good CVS week!

On to Harris Teeter.  I will not go line by line! Just totals & few highlights.

OOP spent $78.71

Qn+Vic saved $114.53

total value$193.24  59% savings

Not to shabby a few of my high points were…

*Healthy Orchard reduced sugar juice for $1.00 each!

*Progresso Soups $.88 each

*Quaker chewy granola bars $1.50 each, not so impressive except the promo was buy 4 get a free think of Tropicana OJ FREE savings of $3.49

* Birds Eye Viola’ dinner kit 2 for$3.69, that is an easy and cheap meal for us,  just need to add salad and bread+ have leftovers for just under $6.  feed all of us, except Ethan!

*3-Danactive yogurt drinks $1. each

*Dannon activia yougurt free after Qn +evic special

*FREE* Quaker Rice crisps…Great for Ethan!

* Lysol anti-bacterial cleaner $.50 each

*2-Stay-free maxi pads 24 ct  $1.25 each

*finally the item that put me over my $100 goal…

1 doz Krispy Kreme Donuts that were on clearance for $1.99!

Total between CVS & HT $101.69