Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

food lion 8-28-11 August 29, 2011

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Spent $10.31

Saved $6.19

Total Value $16.50

38% savings

No photo but bought:

*2x 16oz pack Oscar Mayer shaved ham $2 each after coupon

*pears rung up @ wrong price 😦

green grapes $1.29lb


Food Lion 8-15-11

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Spent:   $46.04

Saved:   $27.76

Total Value: $73.80

38% savings

Sirloin Roast $2.19 I think– had the butcher grind it into ground beef– makes for REALLY LEAN Beef.

*Misc fresh produce


Food Lion 6-25-11 June 29, 2011

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Spent:  $75.63

Saved:   $65.

Total Value:  $140.63

46% savings

Used a RainCheck to get all the meat for $2.48 lb.   I had the butcher grind the WHOLE BONELESS SIRLOIN TIP ROAST into ground beef.    This kind of

roast makes REALLY like ground beef- at least 90/10

*10 Borden Cheese singles $.66 each

*Misc produce


Food Lion 5-30-11 June 2, 2011

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Spent:  $18.35

Saved:  $53.20

Total Value:  $71.56

74% savings

*8 containers of Breyer’s Ice Cream 🙂

*4 Sauve Kids Body/Hair Wash

* Small Wishbone dressing

*4 Lipton noodle sides

There was a Unilever promo spend $20 after Store sale, save $5 instantly…of course I had coupons for everything.

I did the promo TWICE.


Food Lion 5-25-11 & Flowers Bread Store May 25, 2011

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Only bought fresh produce & eggs…

Spent:  $21.36

Saved:  $1.54!

Bought 3lbs Zucchini,

bunch broccoli

3lbs bananas

sliced mushrooms

4 roma tomatoes

green bell pepper

green leaf lettuce

3doz eggs @ $5.

It is easy to save money on packaged items, but it is difficult to have well rounded & balanced meals from all the pre-packaged stuff.  So in my mind I “spend” my coupon savings to be able to afford fresh produce, milk & meat.



Saved easily $10…I bought

2 packs sub rolls

1- 12 pack hamburger buns with seasame seeds

*Hotdog buns


A little of Everything for our vacation!

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5-18-11 Sam’s $38…

3 large packs of deli meat – Ham, Turkey & Roast Beef 22oz each

1 large pack Provolone Cheese

Sounds expensive, but buying lunch meat meant we could easily pack picnic lunches while on vacation.  Sure we could have eaten Peanut Butter & Jelly for our picnics, but Brad isn’t so fond of PB& J and it was a real nice change in routine!

Thursday 5-19-11

Food Lion Beaufort, NC

Spent $28 or so…stocked up on fresh produce & bread and a few other things we forgot to pack for the week.

Saved $5

Saturday 5-21

Small island grocery store Harker’s Island…



Food Lion 4-23-11 April 27, 2011

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Spent:   $7.98

Saved:  $11.14

Total Value:  $19.12

58% savings

Used up the last of my FREE MILK Q 😦

*relish $.79 each

*NEEDED BREAD– so basically I paid for bread today!*