Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Rite Aid 3-27-11 March 28, 2011

Filed under: Harris Teeter — queen620 @ 3:27 am

Spent:  $3.66

Saved:  $36.00

Total Value:  $39.66

91% savings


I had a few RainChecks & Q I wanted to use up before they expire this week.  I had to do a bit of haggling with the manager to get him to adjust how he was ringing the items up.  So it will be hard to explain b/c I am not completely sure what happened, but in the end I walked out paying about what I thought I should be paying!

*2 xViactiv Calcium chews $.99 after Sale, RC & Q

*Stay Free Pads $ TAX after my 2 BOGO Q & 2 BOGO Deals from the store.

Basically, the store had a sale for Buy One Get One Free, I had a Q that also stated Buy One Get One Free.  The store gave me one free and the Q “paid” for my part of the BOGOF, so I should come out getting BOTH FREE other than tax.

Now many cashiers misunderstand this and think that in order to match a BOGO sale w/ a BOGO Q I must buy FOUR- or 2 BOGO deals and they think I must be paying for 2.  But that isn’t how this has to work.  I am not making this stuff up there are lots of legitimate info on how these deals work.  I am not breaking any rules, I just understand the principle.



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