Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Harris Teeter 6-28-11 June 29, 2011

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Spent:   $41.92

Saved:  $67.86

Total Value:  $109.78

62 % savings

Not too bad of an evening—

More Smart balance milk $.99 half gallon

*Silk Chocolate Almond Milk $1.27 half gallon

*Danimals $.50 each

*Poptarts on clearance $.67 box

*Better Oat Oatmeal $.75 box

(not as cheap per pack as I have bought quaker, but Brad said it was the best oatmeal he had ever had!   And since he keeps oatmeal in his desk at work…I try and keep an eye out for him!)

*Carnation instant mix $3.50 a can on clearance— REALLY GOOD PRICE


*Hershey’s Syrup $1.15 each

*Sara Lee deli meat $2.  for 10oz

*Triscuit & Wheat Thins $.90 a box after sale & Q

*HT milk $2.79 after buying 2 Oreo packs–

*Oreos $1.99 pack after my Q!

Little guys is due any day now and I need him to be born soon!   My freezer & fridge is full so we won’t need to shop except for bread & produce for the next few weeks.   I have LOTS & LOTS of meals in my freezer so i am planning to lay low for a while 🙂


Harris Teeter SD 6-27-11

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Spent:  $31.07

Saved:  $91.08

Total Value:  $122.15

75% savings

*Had a RainCheck for Palermo’s pizza and it combined with the weekly sale–not sure if that is how it normally would work, but today I got


*Sara Lee Deli Meat $2 for 10oz

*Danimals $.50

*Smart Balance Milk $.99 half gallon

*Hoisen Sauce $1.59 (I use this when I make stir fry)

*Lysol toilet bowl cleaner $.49 each

*Activia $1.69 not best price, but needed it!

*Oscar Mayer hotdogs $1.50 each I think— I had a bunch of different value coupons so I know over this week I have averaged paying $1 – $1.50 a pack


CVS 6-25-11

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Spent:  $21.19

Saved:  $49.91

Total Value:  $71.10

70% savings w/ $13.49 ECB left for next week!


Lowe’s Food 6-25-11

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Spent:   $23.63

Saved:   $40.08

Total Value:   $63.71

63% savings

*Grapes $.99lb

*Pineapple $2.99

*Paseo toilet paper $2.99—

not best TP, but at the rate at which the kids run through it I don’t care!

*Kraft Shredded Cheese $1 bag–

that is my buy it now price, I sometimes get it cheaper, but my Q expire soon so I wanted to get stocked up b4 new guy gets here.


Harris Teeter 6-25-11 SD

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Spent:  $71.17

Saved:   $137.19

Total Value:  $$208.36

66% savings

Lots of deals with my Q, nothing really FREE, but that is okay.   I got lots of items we actually use regularly so I am okay with my numbers 😉

*4 banana chips $.19 each

*2 Hungry Jack Pancake Mix FREE, other 3x $.07 each

*Lysol toilet bowl cleaner $.49 each

(I will be digging for more Q— this is an item we easily use 1 a week– my buy it now price is $1 so to get it for less is GREAT!)

*Smart Balance milk $.99 half gallon

*Danimal yogurt $.50 each

*Activia $1.69 each— I know more than I like to pay, but I want to be well stocked so I don’t have to do much shopping when the baby comes!


Sam’s 6-25-11

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Spent:   $25.60

Saved:   ???   maybe $10 if I were paying full retail for the plates.

*cat food $10.88

*Chinet plates 225ct $12.88

—-yes, I know I can probably get them for cheaper at HT with sale & Q but I wanted them NOW!


Food Lion 6-25-11

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Spent:  $75.63

Saved:   $65.

Total Value:  $140.63

46% savings

Used a RainCheck to get all the meat for $2.48 lb.   I had the butcher grind the WHOLE BONELESS SIRLOIN TIP ROAST into ground beef.    This kind of

roast makes REALLY like ground beef- at least 90/10

*10 Borden Cheese singles $.66 each

*Misc produce