Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Sam’s, Aldi & Walmart 3-4-11 March 15, 2011

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Spent:  $308 (got $94 back from friend, so

Really spent:  $214

Saved:  $163

Total Value:  including total spent: $471

or 35% savings!


So here goes…I split a case of 90/10 lean ground beef with a friend; after tax our price per lb was $2.35.

I also picked up a few other grocery items from Sam’s.  A lot of the extras you see were used to make 30+ freezer meals.

I didn’t tally up everything I needed so I just overbought on some of the staples we were running low on.  So just b/c you see 4 boxes of mashed potatoes doesn’t mean I used all 4 boxes!  I did use all 8 packs of tortillas and had to get more.  I am hoping to write an article on couponing & freezer cooking detailing what I made and how much I really spent.


Aldi 2-12-11 February 19, 2011

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Sorry for the bad photo!

I spent $79.79

I am not sure about the savings. I would guess it would be around 30% over Walmart, but I don’t keep a real price book so it is just a guess.

If one doesn’t have time for Q and doesn’t mind store brands Aldi can be a great place to shop.  I don’t really like getting bread there, b/c they all contain

High Fructose Corn Syrup, but sometimes I am in a $$ pinch and just have to deal with the junk!


Harris Teeter & Aldi 9-10-11 September 11, 2010

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Spent:  $50.99

Saved:  $111.75

Total Value:  $162.74

69% savings

*Mahtama rice $.25 each

*Mission Tortilla Chips $1.50 each

*Shave gels $.50 each

*HT yogurt $.25

*Ken’s marinade $.60

*Dole oranges & tropical fruit $.50

*Shamrock milk $.25 each

*Van de Camps $.69

*Ht canned veggies buy 2 get 3 free, so around $.33 each

*Off bugspray on clearance  $2.40!!!

*Pepperridge farm cookies $.80 each

*Spaghetti O’s & Campbells soup $.70 or so

I need to go back in a few days to use a few more coupons and get chicken breast buy 1 get 2 lbs free!  And some pork loins $1.99 lb.  It was very late night and the kids were with us.  So it was a rough trip and we tried to get in and out quickly!


Spent $53.51

Saved:??? $30 just for a guess

I know I saved quite a bit tonight but since I don’t keep a price book it is hard to come up with a real #.

Most of the bread was around $1 or so, but I am highly annoyed b/c all but one loaf included high fructose corn syrup.  I know one must be thinking- look at all those poptarts, cereal bars & boxed cereal- that is precisely why I try to limit it from other things that we eat everyday.  Anyway enough rambling of my mixed up dietary values!!!


Harris Teeter & Aldi 8-24-10 August 25, 2010

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Total from both stores:

Spent:  $123.18

Saved:  $77.50

Total Value:  $200.68

39% savings

Sorry, I lumped all my totals together and now don’t know where my receipts went!  Anyway, I think I spent $32 or so at Aldi & $90 or so at HT.   Of course the savings are reflective of HT.  Tonight I went with Brad & all 4 kids; it was a hard night shopping b/c we needed a lot of  items not usually on our shopping list.  That of course meant that Brad & I were focused on shopping and not the kids.  Well, we got it done and it really wasn’t that bad!


Good sales:

*goldfish $1. a bag

*dole- spend $10 worth save 3 on next order- store promo, not a Qn that prints with reciept

I did this deal twice and actually went well over the $10 requirement, but I noticed that it accumulated up to  increments of  $10. so it is okay that I went over.

I will go back later and get more mandarin oranges.  We love mandarin oranges!!!  So after my $.50/off 2 Qn I averaged paying $.40 a can or so.  It covered lots of dole fruit.

*Eggs BOGO

*oreo had $1 off peelie Qn when you bought milk- I already had a jug of milk in my cart 🙂

*RC for skippy PB, had to use up b4 my Qs expire.  $.70 a far

*BOGO NY bone in strip steak!

Most of my $90 was spent on our weekend plans.   We had friends over and made a huge pan of zucchini stir fry and Brad wanted to make spring rolls.  So we needed lots of new items for that.    We also bought BOGO NY bone in strip steak for the grill on Sunday evening…sort of a last good bye to a mostly crappy summer.  Here is hoping that fall brings better times!


Aldi 7-12-10 July 19, 2010

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Spent:  47.34

Saved:  $???

5 cans “pepperridge farm pirroutte sticks”  I saved $3.50 per CAN= $21 savings

I needed these for a cake I was making so, I had to have them!

I think I saved at least $.50 per bag powdered sugar= $2.00

I am sure I saved more on other items, just don’t have an exact comparison.

I haven’t been to Aldi in a long time b/c  many of our staple items I get for cheaper by matching the coupon to the sale.  If you don’t have the time or patience to do that, then ALDI is a great choice!