Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Harris Teeter SD Sunday 3-27-11 March 28, 2011

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Spent:  $22.57

Saved:  $144.99

Total Value:  $167.56

87% savings

I did some shopping for a friend tonight, so that is how I was able to get so much stuff & use so many Q.



This has been an AWESOME Super Doubles.  Yeah, I can get free cans of beans & more Hamburger Helper than anyone needs to eat; and sometimes free veggies & yogurt, but this week I feel like I got lots of GREAT FREE items that we will use and would have to buy anyway.


*Oscar Mayer Ham x 2 on sale @ $3.00= $6- 2x $1/off 1 Doubled= $2

& had a BOGO Q from Harris Teeter so it took off $3, so I got both free & $1 applied to rest of groceries!

*2 Millstone Coffee @ $1.20= $2.40- 2x $2 off Q= – $1.60 which applied to rest of groceries!

*4 Classico Pasta Sauces @$1.66 – $1 off/1 Q doubled= FREE

*3x Smart Balance Milk $3.00- $1.50 Q doubled

*6 Danactive drink yogurt $2.- $1 off Q doubled= FREE

*6 danimal kid yogurt $2- $1 Q doubled= FREE

*Philly Cooking Creme $2.99- $1.50 Q doubled= FREE

*2 gallons milk- used the FREE milk Q from buying 3 boxes cereal

*2 Sara Lee Bread @ $1.99 (bought 4 total)  – $1 off/2 bread when you buy milk.

— Pretty cool b/c the milk was already free! (so either 2 were free or each one was $1 each–I like the the 2 FREE 🙂 )


*********************NOT FREE**********************

*Kahiki eggrolls $.12 after sale &  Q doubled

*Bird’s Eye Steam Fresh $.65 each after sale & Q

*Wholly Gaucomole $1.99 after Q- We love this stuff and it has become an affordable splurge since I only buy it with Q!

I have learned I can freeze it so I think I will be buying a few more boxes to throw in the freezer.

*Eggs 18 ct $.49, normally $2.49- $1/off 1 dozen eggs.  Since the Q was going to double to $2.00 I wanted to get the most for my $$ b/c I am going to buy eggs anyway but getting 18 for $.49 = $.027 per egg as opposed to normally I pay $.10- $.12 an egg.

*2 small packs beef stew $2. for one & $1.55 for the second.  2x Q save $1 on beef when buy classico sauce- Q doubled to $2 each.

*Kraft shredded & chunk $.92 each or $1.84lb after sales & Q doubled

My goal is to get various shredded/chunk for less than Mozerella & Cheddar from Sams which is around $2lb.

I also try to get cheese I can’t get as cheaply from Sam’s.

*Raisin Bran between $1 & $1.40 each– I had different values of Q

*Kelloggs Honey Crunch $1. & $1.40 each I had different values of Q

–did the deal twice getting 3 boxes each time, so I would get the FREE milk Q at the end!!!


My freezer is so full, I think April will be a month of just getting fresh stuff, milk & bread 🙂

My goal this year is to spend $500 – $600 a month to feed our family of 6, 2 large black labs & 4 cats.  This also needs to include Health & Beauty items as much as possible.   This is a decrease from last year.  Last year’s goal was to stay around $700 a month, we were well below that so I am challenging ourselves to cut back a little.  According to the USDA

My family of 6 should be spending $192 a week / or roughly $830 a month on the FRUGAL plan.  To my knowledge this doesn’t include Health & Beauty or pet food.


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