Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Brad & Regina CVS 2-17-10 February 18, 2010

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Quick details:  Brad and I ran the same transactions, except for the first mouthwash…mine wasn’t the one on sale so ECB didn’t print out.  I didn’t mess with a refund b/c it was still a good price $2.00, just not free + overage!!!!

total OOP: $6.37


will follow with total value, Qn’s & # of ECB used later got to go fix dinner


HT SUPER DOUBLES 2-17-2010 February 17, 2010

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Spent $105.21

Saved $209.88

total value: $315.09

67% savings

This required a lot of time clipping and perusing my coupon stash and the internet.   My two favorite websites for savings are &  Most of today’s info came from has THE BEST LIST hands down, however it doesn’t come out until Friday noon.  The sale started on Wednesday.  If I had waited until Friday evening most of the FREE of SUPER CHEAP stuff would have been gone.  Yes, I could get a raincheck (RC) but that doesn’t mean I will save as much.  The bulk of today’s savings came b/c of it being SUPER DOUBLES…that means that Qn’s up to $`1.98 will DOUBLE.  So instead of saving $1.  I save $2.00; if it was a Qn for $1.50 now I saved $3.00.  That means the savings add up fast.  I was able to get lots of big items for far cheaper than I normally pay at Sam’s or Aldi.  I bought each baby of Puppy Chow for $5.99 for ~20lbs.  I think I will buy more when I go later in week!


The above items were free after the sale price and Qn.  I have bought Quaker Rice cakes for free b/4.  That Qn was only for $.75, so $1.50 after it doubles.  The rice cakes go on sale for $1.50 each.   My goal this week was to use as many higher dollar Qn –Qn over $1.  that don’t normally double.  With that being said, these are GREAT occasional snacks for Ethan, so since we are out, I went ahead and bought them today.  I don’t know when the sale will run again.  They might not be on sale next week or in two weeks when I need them.  One thing I have really been able to do is get further away from buying items merely out of need.  The bulk of my weekly shopping is b/c it is the best price, it is something we would use, or it was free.   Of course I still have to buy milk, bread, eggs and fresh produce on an as needed basis, but that is about it!  When I am making my menu I look at what I already have on hand and occasionally I have to add a few items to the weekly list to cook certain dishes.

Free Food or less than $1.00

Here is a brief list of items that I bought for free or less than a $1.!

2 packs stride gum

10 boxes of barrilla pasta: sale was buy 2 @ $1.50 each get 3 free, final price for each was $.60 I think I will buy more when I go back later int he week.  This was a GREAT price!

Two boxes Kelloggs Smart Start Cereal $.09 each!!!!

7 boxes Rasin Bran/Raisin Bran Extra$.25-$.40 each

11 cans Progresso Soup @ ~$.45 each

Dole Pinapple 8oz $.16 each

Ken’s marinade $.76 Each

6-Borden Cheese @ $.21 each

6 Beachnut Stage 3 @ $.33. each

Beachnut crackers @ $.34 each

(don’t normally buy these but will be looking for more later in week!)

Most of the yogurt was between $.50-$.75 each

I am sure I missed a few things, but as you can see most of my orders were less than a dollar.  The remainder were high dollar items that we gotten for much less.

2 Hormel Pork Tenderloin @ $2.49 for 27 oz

this was a BOGO + Qn…found another  Qn will look for another one!

Gorton Fish Fillets(not my favorite, but easy meal!)

2 for $5.00, once again that was a BOGO + Qn

Quilted Northern 9 MEGA ROLL= 24 regular roll! $3.99

Plumrose bacon $1.99 (have gotten bacon cheaper, but only buy $.50 -$.75..this is a situation where I don’t want to end up passing up an okay price  and then need bacon b/4 it is at its rock bottom price.

Wholly Gaucomole Salsa flavor or something…bought this last month, it is the best Gaucomole EVER.  We all loved it…if I had bought the smaller plain only package it would have been free, but I still only paid $1.99 and talk about a great addition to all of the tortillas I scored last week 🙂

I am sure I have forgotten a few deals, there were plenty of great buys.  I am on my way to clip more Qn so I can go again tonight!

Stay tuned for more!!


Harris Teeter 2 trips 2-13-10 & 2-14-10

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total for both days:

$91.25 OOP

$180.35 saved

280.60 total value

67% saved!

Just a few highlights 23  FREE tortillas except for tax!

Mahatma Yellow Rice x 4 FREE

Dano’nino yogurt 1 free

Prego Spaghetti Sauce $1.34 a jar

Dole pinapple $.16-$.33 a can (had two different amount of Qns)

Went on 2nd day to use up tortilla Qn and pinapple Qn

bought both multiples off of ebay 20 between $2-3 .   Even after Qn buying tortillas still only cost $.10 a pack!

This was a time when it really paid off to buy both sets of Qn off of ebay!

$12 of the total went to feeding the 5,ooo.  I am so amazed as of yet we haven’t had to go outside of our regular budget to pick up items.  All we have left is two more bags of rice some corn and green beans left!


free food from 2-13-2010

free food from 2-14-2010

yep that is a lot of tortillas…

hey they freeze and WE LOVE MEXICAN FOOD

Yep 23 packs in all!


Walgreens two trips 2-12 & 2-13-10

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I still have very mixed feelings about Walgreens!  I got all of the above for

$16.23 OOP,  got back 18 RR

had problems using RR so tried again on Saturday 2-13-10

I went home and read up a little more on how Walgreens system works.  RR count as Manufacturer Qn.  They have a limit of 1 Qn, per each item purchased, so since I was using Qn for each item, the register wouldn’t accept my RR.    Saturday went much smoother b/c I went in and found many filler items and didn’t have any problems other than when I bought two packs of diapers in the same transaction it didn’t print out the second 3 RR for the diapers.  Apparently they couldn’t be run in same transaction.

trip two went in armed with more Qn’s and better understanding how to work the system!

started with yesterday’s 18 RR

$10.68 OOP

got back 5 RR,

(should have gotten back another 3 but messed up with the diaper transaction!)

total for both days $26.91

saved $92.78 after Qn and RR

78 % savings

Not bad, but so much hassle!


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CVS 2-9-10

oop $1.53

CVS GiftCard spent $17.68

(this is still considered FREE$$/SAVINGS  in today’s total, b/c I got it for free merely by filling my kids flouride Rx0

(This would have also been OOP, if I hadn’t had giftcard, or I might have been more careful with rolling my ECB…)

$145.22 saved (not including GC above)

$164.43 Total Value

99.7% savings after including $$ used on CVS GC

87% savings if I hadn’t had CVS giftcard, even that is rather impressive!

Used 52 ECB, ended with 9

between sales and Qn saved 93.22.

It is hard to believe that just 3 months ago I thought Qn’s were a waste of time…now they are like cash…if you use them correctly!

I am not going to go line by line b/c there were lots of problems.  I started out shopping at Randleman Rd CVS, except they were missing multiple items so I quickly left and went to the one by UNCG.   I must admit that I would expect this location to be busier and out of stock being so close to a college campus, but not so.  The staff has always been very nice and helpful.

Brad started with 16ECB ended with 4,

Regina started with 8 ended with 5.

Few High points:

buy 5 boxes Ritz for $10. get 3 ECB

had $1 off Qn–used 5= paid $5, got back 3 ECB

Two packs of FREE GOLDEN oreos-got two Qn by becoming a fan on FB!

3 bottles Dawn @ .50 each after using 3 -$.50 offQn

Spend $15 on select PG products get back 5 ECB

Brad: 1 Venus razor ($2. off Qn, Qn for FREE olay body wash, used 1 Qn for   Olay body wash)

2 pantene hair styler products (2x $1. off Qn)

$9 after Qn, used ECB from last week plus tax OOP got back 5 ECB, so got Venus Razor, Olay body wash, 2 pantene products for $1 each

Regina: same P& G promo except did this:

Gillete Clinical deodorant @$8

2 Gillette Body Wash@ $4. each

$16 before Qn -1 Free body wash when purchase deodorant, 2 off bodywash,

$1. off deodorant= $9 oop + tax (used last week ECB) got back 5 ECB, so $1.33 each!

*Gillette Fusion Razor @ $8.99- 4 off Qn= $4.99 + tax OOP (used ECB to pay except for tax.) got back 4 ECB so total was $.99 for gillette razor!

*Excedrin deal: Buy 5 Excedrin get 7 ECB back

bought 4 @ 2.49 + bought 1 @ 6.99 =$16.95 +tax

used a total of 5 Qn’s = 7,  paid $9.95 +tax, (previous ECB other than tax)

got back 7 ECB

*Reach toothbrushes/floss

both Brad and I did this transaction.

Buy 1 Reach floss/ toothbrushes/listerene @ $3.99 get 2 ECB back

had Qn for BOGO on the toothbrushes so go 4 toothbrushes free after getting back 4 ECB!

Had BOGO Qn for floss so got 2 packs of floss for Free after Qn and getting 4 ECB back!

Bought several needed items and used the CVS giftcard to buy valentines & candy for kids to go to a party.

Bought Veet hair removal system for $1.34 after clearance & IQn


January totals February 8, 2010

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***********spent: $729.44********
**********% saved: 64 overall!******
Not a bad start for only doing this 3 months!
*********49 SWAGBUCKS**********

Haven’t completely decided on how to deal with my savings at CVS, I think I would like to track how many ECB I use, but haven’t started yet.  Maybe February that will be added!


Food Lion 2-7-10

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No picture…Carnation Great Start #2 formula $16.41!

Pardon me while I choke and gag over how expensive formula is.   I mainly breastfeed Ethan, however I do still send him with a bottle to church/babysitter/ dad at home and I mix it with his baby food for the added iron.   I know that this 25 oz will last about a month, but it is still SO EXPENSIVE!