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STAPLES PART 1 April 24, 2012

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Okay friends this is going to be a CRASH COURSE on Staples!

Here is a pic of most of the items I have bought since January.

Staples January - April


In this photo EXCEPT the Trend Micro Computer software was FREE (excluding tax, b/c NC is greedy) after


Not everything was purchase in the same week a few items here and there based on what was on sale.

So far I have accumulated:

4x reams white paper

2 x reams pastel paper

2x Duracell batteries

6 packs 4×6 photo paper (1 not shown b/c I already used it)

4 packs 8x 11 photo paper

A few secrets to Staples
*get a customer card– if you homeschool make sure you get the teacher rewards card
*Learn the difference between REWARDS & REBATES

*Know that unlike CVS/Walgreens you have to wait until the 15th of the next month to get your REWARD CREDIT.

Okay REWARDS– if you think of them like Walgreens/CVS Extra Care Bucks you will be fine.
REBATE sale items mean I will get CASH BACK AFTER I submit the rebate

(very easy online program 5-10minutes the first time)

Here is an example of what I bought this week April 22-28

The only thing interesting this week was Photo Paper

Staples 4×6 photo paper $9.99–FREE after REBATE

limit 2 packs for this deal.

So I spent $19.98 + tax–

I will get $19.98 sent to my paypal account or a check in the mail.

Previous Check in the Mail

This check was for $5.98 for buying 2- 3packs of kleenex tissues @ $2.99 pr pack.

This week I bought a Kindle Touchpad & 2 packs photo paper & I recycled 10 ink cartridges @ $2 each.

I paid $71, but will get $19.998 REBATE back on the photo paper.

I had $65 or so in REWARDS from last month’s purchases & Ink Recycling ($20 credit).

Okay, I am going to be honest– I’m not doing it just b/c I am green!
I have no clue if Staples really recycles them.   What I do know is b4 finding out about Staples I just threw them away.
NOW I recycle partly b/c I get a $2 store REWARD for every one I recycle– w/ a limit of 10 per month.

So that is $20 of STAPLES REWARD…store credit I can spend every month.
Usually, you have 60-90 days before the REWARDS expire.
I can use the REWARDS on anything in the store except gift cards & stamps.   I can use it to buy items that generate REBATES, I can use them at the copy&print center…almost anything.
What I DO NOT USE THEM FOR IS sale items that generate REWARDS for the next month.

If you use your REWARDS to pay for REBATE ITEMS– NO PROBLEM!

Often I will do 2 transactions if I have REWARDS to pay for REWARD ITEMS.   I always just use REAL CASH to buy REWARD items.
That is okay, but once you get going w/ this you know you will get your REWARD MONEY back next month.

Here is how it often works for me
1– Buy item that generates REWARD

2– use REWARD CREDIT to buy items that generate REBATE ITEMS




Staples 3-12-11 March 15, 2011

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Spent:  $34.23

After Rebate will have Saved: $16.58

Total Value:  $50.81

33% savings

Although I listed this on my blog I won’t be including it in my monthly totals.  Office Supplies usually come out of our monthly budget for homeschool expenses.


* I NEEDED a pencil sharpener so I decided to also pick up a few of the sale items.

*Hammermill copy paper $5.99 limit 2

submit for a $5 rebate on each pack, saving $10 total

* Dry erase markers $1 each SWEET!

***Forgot to drop off my ink cartridges 😦  I get $2 rewards for every cartridge turned in up to 10 total a month I think.  This works great b/c Brad brings home cartridges & toner from work so most quarters I might have $10-$20 in rewards.  No that isn’t a lot, but as much as I spend on spiral binding & laminating it will cover a few books here and there.  Every little bit helps.