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The Queen of Coupons that is!

Tylenol refund May 24, 2010

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Yeah, I got a refund for 3 bottles of infant tylenol and motrin.  Got back $28.  I will have to wait for a sale and coupons!

Only thing is I found 3 bottles of children’s motrin & tylenol last night!  OOPS!!


WOW Harris Teeter 5-24-10

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Spent:  $21.97

Saved:  ?? $145.  ??

Okay, No you didn’t misread that.  I only paid $21.97 and got a coupon for $2.50 On Your Next Order.  So here is what happened…BRAD SHUT DOWN THE COMPUTER!!!    No,  I am not joking!   After nearly 40+ minutes waiting patiently at the self check out one of the cashier’s insisted on asking the manager JK to override our order.  We thought he would just come back and maybe give us a giftcard for our time or let us just take the 4  packs of diapers for free since they were the reason the computer kept shutting down.  I had no idea that they would give away groceries!     I will definitely be sending an email to corporate to say thank you for having such wonderful cashiers and managers at HarrisTeeter at Adam’s Farm.


CVS 5-20-10 FREE May 21, 2010

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CVS 5-20-10


So I had to have my Dr. call in a Rx for me and I had a $10 prescription coupon from Kmart.

I spent $2.55 on my giftcard.  And I used 8.99 in ECB and got hack 4.  So I lost 4.99 but I got coffee, dishsoap and bath sponge with my monopoly money!

I’ll try to give more details later.  I need to go make tater tot’s cake!

updated 6-13-10

for my records I am going to guess I saved $15


Harris Teeter 5-19-10

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Harris Teeter 5-19-10


saved: $89.48
I think.  I have to go make a cake for Tater Tot’s first birthday.

I have a few more trips in my future, I won’t be going everyday.  I am shorty on available $$ due to Ethan’s party!

When I do go back I looking for a few things that most couponers aren’t looking for.   I want more washing soda, bug spray and orange juice.  I am sure there will be a few things.  I went Wednesday night and they were VERY picked over for free or almost free items.  That is okay b/c a lot of the free items I don’t need anymore of even if they are free.    Really how many things of dressing do I need???


Harris Teeter 5-17-10 May 18, 2010

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Harris Teeter 5-17-10

Spent:  $78 & change

Saved:  $96 & change

I will post more details later.  Right now TaterTot aka Ethan is on the prowl is constantly trying to pull down the laptop and would love to get at my coupon binder!!!


Target 5-17-10

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Spent $21. and change

got back $5. Giftcard.

This was a last minute decision to run into target to get cat food.  I was at PartyCity and parted with WAY to much $$ for supplies for Ethan’s First Birthday Party.

I was shooting myself when I got in there and saw that MeowMix was on sale, b/c I KNEW there were $1.50 off Qn at   Of course I didn’t print them b/c I didn’t want to waste the ink and then not end up using the Qn!   I think I might try to go back later in the week and get two more bags.  I haven’t had a problem finding dog food on BOGO sale, but not so much luck with dry cat food.   I never had to worry about this b/4 b/c we always bought our cat food from Sam’s.  When I find a sale like this it is a better price than Sam’s, just takes a little more work to get it!


CVS 5-16-10

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Brad CVS…how we spend a little time as a family!!!

I spent less than $8. OOP

$9.95 CVS giftcard

More details later.