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GARDEN April 24, 2010

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I am so excited.  I just had a revelation after watching to many House hunter episodes that our garden is larger than many peoples entire back yards.

Brad has been working so hard on our garden.  Please note I have a black thumb of death, so I am watching from the sidelines.  Maybe I can learn something.   I wrote about going to Lowe’s and buying BOGO plants.  I must confess that wasn’t a deal.  What was a deal was going to our local greenhouse and buying plants.  Brad spent maybe $50 and came home with lots and lots of plants.  He got 6 tomato plants for $2.50.  I got 2 for $3.49 at Lowe’s.  He bought 42 tomatoes plants, a very large flat of lettuce, 6 broccoli plants, 6 pepper plants and I don’t remember what else.  Every time I looked around I saw new plants going in the ground.

Oh well that is how it goes sometimes.  I do think Lowe’s had more variety of tomatoes.   We will be picking strawberries in just a week or two, maybe even next weekend!    Anyone want to join our family outing???  Then we will come home and wash and slice.  We will make some jam, not a lot b/c we still have almost 24 pints total left from last year and about half are strawberry or strawberry pineapple (my personal favorite…for now).   I am hoping to pick and freeze maybe 75- 100 lbs.  I am not sure I have enough freezer space.  It might be time to stop shopping and eat out of our stash.   I will make sure I take pictures of our strawberries and finished jam.


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  1. Thanks for the info – I will be venturing to Whitaker Farm!

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