Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Apples 9-11-10 September 29, 2010

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Spent:  $70.

Saved:  $130

total value:  $200

65% savings

I based my savings numbers on paying $1 per pound. I don’t always pay as little as $1 a pound, but when I find it that cheap I buy up!

We bought 4 bushels= 160lbs or so

On average I paid $.33 a lb.

I have made lots of delicious stuff!


10 pints apple butter

lots of dried apples

and I have 1 1/2 bushels left to do something with 🙂

I can’t put an exact monetary number on the overall savings considering all the extras I have made.  The apple butter will make nice gifts for Christmas


Food Lion 9-25 & 9-28

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Spent:  $4.50 or so,

Saved:  $35. or so, sorry lost 1 of the reciepts

Total Value:  $39.50

89% savings &

I got $3 CAT coupon for next order.   I will be back for more.

The deal was:

*aquapod $1. each, buy 3 get $3 Q on NEXT ORDER- or FREE after promo!

*whisk $3.99- $3. Q= $.99 each

Tuesday 9-28-10

Spent:  $.30


Total Value: $39.30

99% savings

Yep, went back for more aquapods!  There plenty when I left so before I get accused of clearing the shelves…although the manager was very quick to offer me more from the back.  I opted to leave them for someone else.


Picture not found so sorry-

12 aquapods + 2 wisk detergents

spent:  $2.30

Saved:  $39.00

Total value:  $41.30

94% savings, left with $3 cat to roll later!


So in total I spent $7.10

Saved:  74.00

Total Value:  $81.10

91% savings

I got 39 packs of aquapods & 3 x 50 oz Wisk detergent & I left with $3. store credit coupon remaining.

I have a few rainchecks left so I will get those later in the week and then roll that final $3. into whatever is on sale and get it back.  So when all is said and done I will have gotten 45 packs of water and only paid $.02 tax per pack!!!


Harris Teeter 9-28-10

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Spent:  $42.56

Saved:  $146.07

Total Value:  $188.63

77% savings

Do you remember all those hamburger helpers & old el paso items that I bought during Super Doubles?  I accrued $33 in coupons good on future order of meat.  Today, I stocked up on meat.  I had Rainchecks on chicken buy1lb, get 2lbs free= which is about $1.66 a pound.  I also had a Raincheck for pork lion $1.99lb.  cube steak was also BOGO free this week; deli meat/ cheese buy2/ get 3 free. I came home with at least 30 lbs worth of meat tonight.

*Applesauce $.05 each

*Philly cookbook FREE with purchase of 4 packs

*Philly Cream Cheese $1.25 each x5= $6.25

-$5 off 5 Kraft items:  $1.25 or $.25 each…I see lots of baking in my future!

*Barrilla pasta $1.00 – $.55 Q doubled-  FREE

*Deli meat buy 2/ get 3 FREE- only thing left Pepperoni &Swiss 😦

I bought some and then got   a raincheck for later!

*thomas’ english muffins BOGO free- hubby’s favorite!

*Travel Tide $1. FREE after Qn

*land o lakes butter $.99  evic special!


CVS 9-25-10

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Spent:  $13.33

Saved:  $21.79

Total Value:  $35.12

62% savings & left w/ 10ECB

Here is the deal:

*Revlon mascara $6.99, get back 5 ECB

– $1. off Q= So in the end I paid $.99 🙂

*Needed sunglasses ASAP, so I was here and I used part of my $$ from clothing fund and a few of my ECB to pay for them.

So the today’s purchases didn’t really come out of my grocery/health & beauty fund.


Harris Teeter 9-24-10 September 24, 2010

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Spent:  $44.30

Saved:  $69.34

Total Value:  $113.64

61% savings

Super doubles is over 😦 back to normal sales & prices!

It was a quick trip into Harris Teeter.  I only needed a few items and I am trying to scale way back on my grocery budget and live off of our stockpile starting next week.  I am going to make another trip back to cash in on some meat rainchecks and use $33 worth of Q good on my meat purchase from buying all that hamburger helper & old el paso last week.

Good deals:

*Shamrock milk $.25 each

*HT deli meat buy2 get 3 free…bought 10 packs

$10 for 2 1/2 lbs of meat/cheese…almost as good price as Sam’s

**HOT DEAL**  Philadelphia cheese $1.25 buy 4 get -FREE philly cream cheese cook book $19.95 value (store was out took down my info)

I bought 5 b/c I had a $5. /off 5 Kraft coupon so

$6.25 total – $5. = $1.25 total or $.25 each!

I will be getting more when I go back that is a HOT price on cream cheese, especially with the holidays just around the corner.

*Scotch brite sponges $1. –3 pack

*Kraft dressing $.27

*misc produce $10 or so

*1/2 gallon OJ $1.99

I love OJ, but it has been hard to find it for cheap, I know I need to go to Aldi more often!



Barrilla pasta $1. sale- $.55 Q doubled to $1.00 (no overage allowed) = FREE


Harris Teeter SD Tuesday 9-21-10 September 22, 2010

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Spent:  $38.43

Saved:  $149.41

Total Value:  $187.84

80% savings

I did spend more tonight b/c I bought a few items that were more expensive to begin with & I also was shopping for a friend.

*I make my own laundry detergent & I add WASHING soda to my laundry so getting it for $2.49 a box is a good price…

especially since no one else sell it except HT!

*more FREE danactive & danimal yogurt

*Panko bread crumbs $.99

*RC $.99 A1 marinade + Qn good for steak, used $6 in ONYO coupons to get a free rib eye.  The steak wasn’t that much, but my ONYO counted toward other stuff.

*Zatarans- $.83 a box LOVE THIS STUFF!

*did the pilsbury deal again

*did the buy 20 save $6 instantly on both cards

*more Green Giant veggies— I think I made up for how awful our garden did on everything except tomatoes!

*more progresso soup—Brad said I didn’t buy enough the night before!

Although I rarely get it for $.60 a can, so I was fine with buying more!

Overall it was a GREAT week at Harris teeter.

My overall total for the week was

Spent:  $134.91

Saved:  $761.39

Total Value:  $896.30

85% savings



Monday 9-20-10 Harris Teeter SD

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Spent:  $35.06

Saved:  $186.43

Total Value:  $221.50

84% savings

I did some shopping for a friend tonight.  I hit 2 different stores b/c my store was getting very picked over.  I spent more tonight b/c I bought some more expensive items and I am running out of $3 off Qn from buying all the green giant veggies & pillsbury stuff.  I have lots left good toward meat, but I am trying to hold onto those and use some rainchecks next week and really cash in on them!

I did have a few good deals.

*Progresso Soup- Brad’s favorite flavor that he loves to take for his lunches $.60 a can

*Puppy Chow $6.  or so a bag.

FREE activia & danimals yogurt

*mahatma yellow rice $.25 each

*Shamrock milk $.25 each

*m&m ice cream $.50 I think

* kakhi egg rolls/ frozen dinners $1.10 each

*organic eggs $.80 a pack

*8 green giant veggies- $.20 a box AND got $3. CAT Qn back


3 packs Kraft shredded cheese  & 2 deli deluxe cheese- $.55 each after STORE mailer Qn BOGO Kraft shredded cheese & BOGO Kraft deli deluxe cheese,

Store promo- buy3 save $3 &   Kraft buy5/ save $5.

It took a lot to work this deal— THREE things working for me!  But in the end I got cheap cheese 🙂