Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Harris Teeter 4-29-11 April 30, 2011

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Spent:  $66.33

Saved:  $168.07

Total Value:  $234.40

72% savings

Did some shopping for a friend tonight that is why my total is so high and I was able to use 40 Q instead of 20.  We have a few friends I shop for and they pick and choose what they want.


Had a Rain Check for the Hefty bags that were $1 each last week.   – $1/off 2= FREE

7th Generation dishsoap $1.99- $1. off Q= FREE

Salad Kits $2. – $1 off Q = FREE

Philly Cooking Creme $2.99- $1.50 Q = FREE

(had Q for save $1.50 off chicken when buy cooking creme– so I got the chicken for $1.75 lb– not best price, but nice piggy back!)

 Log Cabin $1.99 – $1 off Q= FREE

Hillshire Farm Sausage Links evic special $1 limit 2= – $.55 Q= FREE

Milka $1.99 – $1 off Q= FREE

8 Mars Brand Candy bars- FREE

(sale buy2 get 3 free- I paired that with a buy 1 get 1 Q so I got all 10 for $1.98)


*2 wholly gaucomole $3.79- $1 off Q= $1.79 each

*Meal Deal x 2 = $4.00 each

*6 x Quaker Oatmeal Squares $2.39– not as cheap as I like, but this is a favorite around here so getting it for nearly 50% off is nice!

*4x Mission tortilla $.50 each

*Ortega Salsa $1.33 each

*Otega Beans $.33 each

*Lysol spray cleaner- evic special 2/$4- $1/off2 Q= $1 each

*2x Pine Sol cleaner $1 each

*2x Lysol Wipes $.70 each

***I know it seems like I have been buying lots of cleaner, but it is on sale right now at it’s rock bottom price.  Think Spring Cleaning Sales!***

I remember last year not knowing that it wouldn’t be this cheap again and I didn’t stock up- so this time I am buying all I can b/c it might not be this cheap again for awhile.


Sam’s April 28, 2011

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Spent:  $75


No Picture Bought:

50lbs dog food $18

20 lbs cat food $11

2 loaves nature’s own bread $4.00

Zyrtec 120 tablets $36–

paid $.30 tablet vs Walmart $.60 tablet—


last month Sam’s had generic Zyrtec in stock for $18 for almost 300 tablets, but of course we weren’t anywhere near being out and it wasn’t on the list!  This month no generic and we were OUT!    I will be looking for more generic next time or having my friend pick some up from Costco.


Harris Teeter 4-27-11 Super Doubles Day 1 April 27, 2011

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Spent:  $51.93

Saved:  $167.98

Total Value:  $219.91

76% savings

Shopped for myself & a friend so I was able to use 20 Q apiece– and I went to 2 stores so don’t think I cleared the shelves at any 1 store!

*FREE   SMART BALANCE  1/2 gallon milk x 4

*McCormick Seasoning FREE

*Mission Tortilla Chips FREE


Buy 2 boxes Gorton Fish Sticks 18ct @ $4= $8.00

Get FREE:  Ortega Seasoning Packet, Ortega Taco Sauce, 2 boxes Ortega tacos, HT Refried beans & 8oz Breakstone SourCream–

Had 2 x $1 Q off Gorton Fish Doubled= $4.00 for EVERYTHING– not my favorite fish sticks, but it was a good deal for everything else that was included.

*Ortega Salsa= $1.33 x 8

Ortega Beans = $.33x 10

*Bailey’s coffee Creamer= $.19 x 2

*Rhodes Rolls $.39 x 2

*Kraft Homestyle Mac & Cheese $.50 x 3

*Mission Tortilla $.50 each– time to stock up again! x 4

*land o lakes Margarine $.50 each x 4

*Hillshire Farm Turkey Sausage- $1.50 x 2

*Lysol Wipes $.70 each x 6

*Lysol Toilet Bowl cleaner $. 49 each x 8

*Mariani Banana Chips $.19 each x 2

*Hillshire Farm Turkey- $1.50 each x 2

*Ritz Crackerfull Sandwiches $1 x 1 (not pictured– handed out to my assistants!)

My goal this week is to stock up on Ortega Salsa, Ortega Refried beans, Mission tortillas (these can be frozen and last ages).  I tried to use the coupons I knew would be out of stock pretty quickly– that is why I got so many Lysol products today and picked up a few Rhodes Rolls.

Did you notice I didn’t have a lot of freebie items today.  That is okay.  Right now I need salsa & refried beans more than I need more free floss & toothpaste!  I like freebies, but I can’t eat floss!    Since new guy is due in early July we have decided to not do a garden this summer 😦 That is a little sad, but really we wouldn’t be able to care for it like it requires.  And since we aren’t doing a garden I NEED salsa.  We eat mexican at least once a week and then have leftovers.  We can easily go through 1 jar of salsa a week.  So you will see me buying LOTS salsa this week!  I almost always serve refried beans with our mexican dinners and yes I could make my own, but life is just too busy for that right now. So I am content with $.33 a can.  I like FREE better, but last time I got all the free ones HT was having triple coupons and it matched up better with my coupon!  Oh Well life is still great!


Harris Teeter 4-26-11

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Spent:  $53.93

Saved:  $94.44

Total Value:  $148.37

64% savings



Monday 4-25-11

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Spent:  $56.30

Saved:  $125.18

Total Value:  $181.48

69% savings

Did some shopping for a friend tonight so that is how I was able to use so many Q and buy so much.

I went back looking for:

*Domino Sugar 5lb- $1.99

*Dixie Crystal 4lb $1.49

*DOmino Sugar 1lb box $.25 EACH

*Gold Medal Flour $1.19 NO COUOPON

I was on a mission all of the above items were CHEAPER THAN SAM’S OR ALDI.  My goal was to walk out with A YEAR’S SUPPLY of flour & sugar.  I know that is crazy to most people, but I have the space to store that much and have never had a problem with bugs or rodents and these staples on hit rock bottom about twice a year– Easter & Thanksgiving/Christmas.  Last December I took most of the month off from couponing so I missed stocking up on these items.

*Edge Shave Gel- $.89– great donate price

*hefty freezer bags $.50 FAR CHEAPER THAN SAM’S and I use a lot of these for freezer cooking and U Pick fruit!

*Hefty Trash bags $3.15

*Bird’s Eye Viola $2.65, got FREE bag of Bird’s Eye Veggies

*Kraft Shredded Cheese $.66


CVS 4-23-11

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Spent:  $1.92

Saved:  $34.20

Total Value:  $36.12

95% savings

I went late Saturday night hoping to get last weeks sale for the shave cream & get the sales starting on Sunday, b/c I had Q expiring on Sunday but didn’t want to run out Easter and go shopping.  It worked!   This might be a way to beat the person/people who clear the shelves early Sunday morning!

*Dove Deodorant regular price $4.99—-SALE $.99

– $1 off Q= FREE

*Blink Tears $7.99- $4 Q on box= $3.99, but got $7.99 ECB

FREE plus profit of $4 store credit!!!

*Edge Shave Cream $3.29- $.55 Q= $$2.74, got back $2.30 really cost $.34

Spent $6 ECB from last week–I got back $10.29 ECB & $2 ECB left from last week= $12.29 AVAILABLE!


Food Lion 4-23-11

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Spent:   $7.98

Saved:  $11.14

Total Value:  $19.12

58% savings

Used up the last of my FREE MILK Q 😦

*relish $.79 each

*NEEDED BREAD– so basically I paid for bread today!*