Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!


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Okay– these Items all seem unrelated, but they aren’t!

Do you see the computer software???

(BRAD’S FAVORITE– we needed it for our MAC)

Hello– STaples had it on sale

$65- $55 VISA DEBIT CARD= $10 for something we NEEDED for our computer!

So know you are wondering how is Software, a box of Ink Cartridges & and a Hair buff have in common–

The ink & Hair Buff were both bought w/ my $55 visa card!

YEP– I have been recycling ink here and there, but not consistently to cover our own ink usage and other office supplies we use.

I had read about people buying USED INK from ebay.   I had to think about.   Finally, I decided I would!
That box of ink cost $35 w/ 200 cartridges– that is 20 months of recycling at $2 each= $400
But don’t forget I paid for it w/ a gift card for buying software we NEEDED!

I bought that in February and so far I have recycled 30 cartridges netting $60 in store credit.

The hair buff was bought off of easy w/ the rest of that $55 gift card!

Of all the office supply stores Staples has the least restrictive recycling program.   I recycle 10 month= $20 credit– NO strings attached.   I don’t need to spend anything- although I am usually picking up other office supplies 🙂

Sometimes they will have promos like SPEND $50 HP ink get $4 per cartridge.   That is easy enough for me b/c we have an HP printer!

Most people who dabble w/ staples won’t buy ink off of ebay, I however use lots of office/school supplies b/c we homeschool.   I also don’t have lots of friends who burn through ink and pass them on to me.    I kind of worried about the ethical ramifications, but finally decided if hubby or friends gave me ink I would recycle it– this is just moving the process forward.   Also it is potentially keeping more ink out of the landfill– maybe, I’m not entirely sure what Staples does w/ them.






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Okay friends this is going to be a CRASH COURSE on Staples!

Here is a pic of most of the items I have bought since January.

Staples January - April


In this photo EXCEPT the Trend Micro Computer software was FREE (excluding tax, b/c NC is greedy) after


Not everything was purchase in the same week a few items here and there based on what was on sale.

So far I have accumulated:

4x reams white paper

2 x reams pastel paper

2x Duracell batteries

6 packs 4×6 photo paper (1 not shown b/c I already used it)

4 packs 8x 11 photo paper

A few secrets to Staples
*get a customer card– if you homeschool make sure you get the teacher rewards card
*Learn the difference between REWARDS & REBATES

*Know that unlike CVS/Walgreens you have to wait until the 15th of the next month to get your REWARD CREDIT.

Okay REWARDS– if you think of them like Walgreens/CVS Extra Care Bucks you will be fine.
REBATE sale items mean I will get CASH BACK AFTER I submit the rebate

(very easy online program 5-10minutes the first time)

Here is an example of what I bought this week April 22-28

The only thing interesting this week was Photo Paper

Staples 4×6 photo paper $9.99–FREE after REBATE

limit 2 packs for this deal.

So I spent $19.98 + tax–

I will get $19.98 sent to my paypal account or a check in the mail.

Previous Check in the Mail

This check was for $5.98 for buying 2- 3packs of kleenex tissues @ $2.99 pr pack.

This week I bought a Kindle Touchpad & 2 packs photo paper & I recycled 10 ink cartridges @ $2 each.

I paid $71, but will get $19.998 REBATE back on the photo paper.

I had $65 or so in REWARDS from last month’s purchases & Ink Recycling ($20 credit).

Okay, I am going to be honest– I’m not doing it just b/c I am green!
I have no clue if Staples really recycles them.   What I do know is b4 finding out about Staples I just threw them away.
NOW I recycle partly b/c I get a $2 store REWARD for every one I recycle– w/ a limit of 10 per month.

So that is $20 of STAPLES REWARD…store credit I can spend every month.
Usually, you have 60-90 days before the REWARDS expire.
I can use the REWARDS on anything in the store except gift cards & stamps.   I can use it to buy items that generate REBATES, I can use them at the copy&print center…almost anything.
What I DO NOT USE THEM FOR IS sale items that generate REWARDS for the next month.

If you use your REWARDS to pay for REBATE ITEMS– NO PROBLEM!

Often I will do 2 transactions if I have REWARDS to pay for REWARD ITEMS.   I always just use REAL CASH to buy REWARD items.
That is okay, but once you get going w/ this you know you will get your REWARD MONEY back next month.

Here is how it often works for me
1– Buy item that generates REWARD

2– use REWARD CREDIT to buy items that generate REBATE ITEMS




Harris Teeter Super Doubles 11-6-11 November 7, 2011

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Harris Teeter 11-4-11

Spent:   $55.01

Saved:   $119.39

Total Value:   $174.00

69% savings, Also have a CATALINA Q $4 to use next time.

So, maybe my totals are super low like some extreme couponers, but everything I bought we USE!.

On the plus side I did get quite a few FREE/ less than $1

5x Maxwell coffee

5x Triscuits

3x Chex Cereal (make tons of white trash for XMas gifts)

4x Kikkoman Panko

2x Sara Lee bread

(very annoyed w/ Sara Lee- I wish they would make all there breads w/o HFCS)

2x Cheese Nips

3x Smart Balance Milk


4x Almond Breeze Milk $1.40 — not going to say it is as good as milk, but still an okay choice.

OreIda Fries BOGO so 2 for $3.59– not best price, but will be buying more SWEET POTATO FIRES!

Purina 20lbs dog chow $6.80–

makes cheaper than Sam’s will be getting more as this is a more convenient size for the kids to move around.

Lightbulbs $1.29 each— will be buying lots of these over the next few weeks b/c I am not ready to give up Edison light bulbs entirely!

I haven’t been doing lots of shopping lately, so this will be a very busy week in comparison.   I see several trips w/ friends on Monday & Tuesday.


Harris Teeter 9-20-11 September 21, 2011

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Spent:  $49.

Saved: $90.04

Total Value:  $139.04

65% savings

Yep, I got lots of veggies tonight.   I did some shopping w/ my friends card so I was able to pick up more veggies.   I don’t feel the least bit guilty.   I didn’t clear the shelves!!!


Harris Teeter 9-19-11

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Spent:  $41.80

Saved:   $51.41

Total Value:  $93.21

55% savings

Not a lot of free stuff, but lots of items we use at really good prices.


Harris Teeter 9-17-11

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Spent:   $38.30

Saved:  $70.62

Total Value:  $108.82

65% savings

Not to many free items this go round, but lots of items we use for a much lower price.


Sam’s 9-13-11

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Spent:  $40


Aldi 9-13-11

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Spent:  $26

Saved:   ???hard to tell @ Aldi


Harris Teeter 9-13-11

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Spent:   $27.49

Saved:  $44.66

Total Value:  $72.15

72% savings


Sam’s 9-6-11

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Spent:  $26

Saved:   hard to tell from shopping @ Sam’s