Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Target 3-30-11 March 31, 2011

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Spent:  $9.06

Saved:  $11.oo

Total Value:  $20.06

55% savings


*Chunky Crayons for Ethan $1

*Diapers $8.99 each- $2.50 Target Q + $3. off manufacturer Coupon= $3.49 each or $.08 a diaper

We use mainly cloth diapers, except for at night and church.  That being said I don’t usually plan to use cloth diapers the first 6weeks or so that we have a new little person.  I know I could save more $$ but as far as I am concerned I have no desire to wash any extra laundry and also if breastfeeding doesn’t go well I would spend far more on formula for a year than I would have saved by using cloth for an extra 6weeks.


This is one of those times where buying smaller packages can really add up to big savings.  A large case from Sam’s/Costco averages $40 and will include roughly 6 small packs just like pictured above.  If I bought 6 @ $3.49= $20.94 netting almost $20 in savings.  That also means my price per diaper has dropped nearly in half.   There are pros & cons to using a big box store, but if one has slightly more time than $$ Couponing & Sale shopping is the best way to go!


Target 5-17-10 May 18, 2010

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Spent $21. and change

got back $5. Giftcard.

This was a last minute decision to run into target to get cat food.  I was at PartyCity and parted with WAY to much $$ for supplies for Ethan’s First Birthday Party.

I was shooting myself when I got in there and saw that MeowMix was on sale, b/c I KNEW there were $1.50 off Qn at   Of course I didn’t print them b/c I didn’t want to waste the ink and then not end up using the Qn!   I think I might try to go back later in the week and get two more bags.  I haven’t had a problem finding dog food on BOGO sale, but not so much luck with dry cat food.   I never had to worry about this b/4 b/c we always bought our cat food from Sam’s.  When I find a sale like this it is a better price than Sam’s, just takes a little more work to get it!


TARGET 3-19-10 March 20, 2010

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Alright here is my first venture into TARGET.  I have seen people who make off like a bandit at Target.  I am not that excited about venturing into the world of couponing at TARGET.   However, for CHEAP diapers I will venture in!!!!

Prepare to be amazed!!!

I spent $4. a pack

So $16 plus tax

(sorry did figure up tax I bought several items and don’t have a calculator w/ me right now)

Here was the deal.  Target had the small packs on sale for $8.50 this week.  I wouldn’t have considered that a great deal, until there was a SMOKIN” hot printable that came available online.  I printed two from both computers for a total of:

FOUR Qn $3. off any huggies diapers

Then Jenny from SOUTHERNSAVERS.COM posted that:

TARGET.COM had $1.50 printable STORE Qn

again I printed 4 total and decided since I was going out to HT and a consignment sale I would run into Target.

Sure enough by combining the $3. manufacture Qn + $1.50 Target Qn I saved $4.50 per pack!

I don’t Stack Qn’s very often, but now I see how it could be very advantageous.

So all in all i paid around $.11 a diaper.  Normally, they go for $.25 a diaper for Huggies/Pampers

ow here is a little side note.  Those 4 packs will last me MONTHS.  I use cloth diapers 80-90% of the time.  I normally only use disposable diapers for church, MOPS and occasionally wash day if I am behind.   I have lost count of how much $$ clothe diapers have saved me after the initial investment.   I love Ethan’s clothe diapers.  We really splurged and used most of our gift $$ to buy much nicer diapers than we would have bought otherwise.   The are the gift that keeps on giving…and that ain’t no jelly of the month club!