Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Random Purchases December December 11, 2010

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So this month isn’t really about shopping and saving it is about Christ!   Life has been really busy so we have been living off our stockpile and buying pet food, milk, bread and other needed items.  I haven’t used many coupons this month and I am okay with that!  This is just for my records mainly no pictures to go along with it.

Dollar General- $25 pet food & misc food items

Food Lion -$40 stuff to make white trash, milk, bread, buns

Walmart $12 pet food

Costco- $25- 5 lbs pecans & walnuts a friend picked up!


Unfortunately, I am so broke right now that it seems any last minute expenses are coming from my grocery fund 😦  But at least I have the fluff to be able to do that.  I have really been trying to stick to using cash most of the time for groceries, gas, clothes & eating out and it has made a real difference in our actions.  Not that we were crazy with our debit card before but this really hits home immediately for us.  It also helps take the temptation out of ordering dinner or going out to eat, b/c if I don’t have cash in my wallet the money in the checking account is probably allocated for something already.  Enough of my rambling thoughts today.