Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Harris Teeter 4-28-10 April 28, 2010

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Spent:  $51.83

Saved:  $136.40

Total Value:  $188.23

73% savings

I must confess I don’t have a lot of time to make multiple trips this week, so this and maybe tomorrow night might be it.

My savings would have appeared higher, but on my way to leave the store I ran across another set of carts full of clearance items.  I spent nearly $17 on clearance items.   I did find a few great items!

I didn’t find to many steals today.  I did happen to get a few items for FREE

*Refried Beans

*2 bags low-sodium Sargento Cheese

*3 bags Green Valley Steamer

*2 packs Ziploc bags

Most of the other items were less than a $1. except for the water, balmex, domeboro, cortizone, 2 packs deli meat.


Harris Teeter 4-27-10 April 27, 2010

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Spent:  $98.96

Saved:  $116.37

Total Value:  $215.33

54 % savings

I know it wasn’t very low today, but I did buy 2 bags of puppy chow, 2 bags of charcoal & a bag of cat food=$35 right there!

I also bought 5 cartons of Bryer’s Ice Cream:  Buy 2/Get 3 free= $10.98 or $2.22 per carton.  This means I can still have good ice cream for Ethan’s big birthday party next month.   They are buried at the bottom of the freezer to discourage us from eating them!

Bought 5 jars of Classico Sauce for a friend they were also buy2/ get 3 free or around $6 total after tax.

There wasn’t a lot of yogurt on sale, but I still had to buy it!  Same thing went with the produce that I spent $10 on.

Puffs tissues= $.50 each.  I have more Qn’s but think I will have to buy smaller packs during triples.

Mott’s apple juice was $1.50 each, not to bad.  I didn’t have a coupon, but needed juice for Ethan.

Bush’s beans $1.17 each, not great price, but I wanted some baked beans!

Charcoal $7.99 & used a save $2. off meat coupon.  I tried to buy the smallest packs of meat as possible so it would almost  come out to free!

It worked great.  I wasn’t trying to cheat the system, but I misread the labels on the cube steak and the label didn’t show the sale price so actually I end up getting the meat for free plus a tiny amount of overage.  Please let me state again I wasn’t intentionally trying to misuse these coupons.

I do think will buy some of those charcoal/meat coupons off of ebay.  We grill out almost every weekend during the summer and burn through some charcoal.   So if I can buy the charcoal on sale and buy SMALL CHEAP packs of meat I can end up not paying a lot for both items.

All of the above were free after sale + coupon

Forgot to add in the Ritz crackers, they were free after the purchase of 2 blocks of Kraft cheese.


I did see on my receipt that I finally reached the limit for two of HT promos and will save a total of $10 off next order.


Flower’s Bakery 4-27-10

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Saved:  ???

For my personal tracking I am going to guess that I saved around $12 over retail.  I based my savings on Harris Teeter’s Express Lane online shopping page.  Now you know I would avoid paying that for bread, but if push came to shove and I had to have bread I would have to pay it.  Or at least try to find something acceptable that was on sale!


GARDEN April 24, 2010

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I am so excited.  I just had a revelation after watching to many House hunter episodes that our garden is larger than many peoples entire back yards.

Brad has been working so hard on our garden.  Please note I have a black thumb of death, so I am watching from the sidelines.  Maybe I can learn something.   I wrote about going to Lowe’s and buying BOGO plants.  I must confess that wasn’t a deal.  What was a deal was going to our local greenhouse and buying plants.  Brad spent maybe $50 and came home with lots and lots of plants.  He got 6 tomato plants for $2.50.  I got 2 for $3.49 at Lowe’s.  He bought 42 tomatoes plants, a very large flat of lettuce, 6 broccoli plants, 6 pepper plants and I don’t remember what else.  Every time I looked around I saw new plants going in the ground.

Oh well that is how it goes sometimes.  I do think Lowe’s had more variety of tomatoes.   We will be picking strawberries in just a week or two, maybe even next weekend!    Anyone want to join our family outing???  Then we will come home and wash and slice.  We will make some jam, not a lot b/c we still have almost 24 pints total left from last year and about half are strawberry or strawberry pineapple (my personal favorite…for now).   I am hoping to pick and freeze maybe 75- 100 lbs.  I am not sure I have enough freezer space.  It might be time to stop shopping and eat out of our stash.   I will make sure I take pictures of our strawberries and finished jam.



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I just got $30 in the mail from all of the wonderful Oil of Olay stuff I bought a few months ago.  That is so cool.  I used coupons and many deal from Walgreens & CVS so I didn’t pay that much out of pocket for the required items.   So after factoring in the rebates, I got the face wash, moisturizer and body wash for free!  How cool is that!

I think I am going to add a rebate tally into my savings/spent widget.

I love money in the mail…it almost offset the  $7oo  bill that arrived from the oral surgeon’s office that I am fighting with the insurance to pay!


HT 4-19-10 April 21, 2010

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Spent:  $  28.33

Saved:  $ 68.01

Total Value:  $ 96.24

71% savings

I was on the hunt for more $5.99 diapers b/c after Qn they were $2.99.

That is $2.99 without using ECB / RR to get that price!

I must confess, I really didn’t want to buy more than 2 packs of diapers, I wanted Rainchecks!

And I GOT them.  I went to 3 different stores looking for them and only found sizes/variety I wanted at 1 store.

I kindly asked if I could get separate rainchecks for Pampers & Huggies.  I walked away with a combined RC total of 24!

If we continue using cloth diapers mostly and disposable on Sunday’s for church and a few other times I think I have enough diapers in my stash & RC to make it to when he is potty trained.  🙂

While I was out I decided to buy more chicken.  I must admit that we let our Sam’s membership lapse so I have been a little worried about having enough low cost meat in my freezer.  I had been splitting cases of ground beef & tyson chicken breast with a friend.  This meant that i usually had at least 40 lbs of meat & 20 lbs of chicken at the outset.  We are almost out of all of our last half cases.  So yes, it looks like a lot of chicken, but this week I only bought 18lbs…which is less than I would have bought from Sam’s.  I know we will renew our Sam’s membership b/c my van needs new tires soon, but I didn’t want to waste our membership when I haven’t really been shopping there.  Since grocerygaming in November we have only been to Sam’s once, right b/4 Christmas.  I know I am paying slightly higher for milk & eggs, but I get so many other things for cheaper that it is worth my time.

*Sorry forgot to mention the 100 calorie cheese packs

I ran into FL on Sunday looking for blinkie coupons…$.75 off one pack

The blinkies for FL have a different code than what is at HT and will double when scanned.

HT had a promo, buy 3 save $3. instantly.   I used 3x $.75 Qn for each pack=

$.93 for 3 packs or $.31 each!!!

I ate a pack on the way home, not great cheese, but I mainly bought them to go in Ethan’s bottle bag when I send food/snacks to church.  Those are just the right size for him!

*Bought more yogurt!  All four of my kids have 1 yogurt a day and often Brad & I have it daily.

I have been trying to find whole milk yogurt for Ethan b/c he needs the higher fat content.  Dannon & Yoplait have lowfat yogurt that is made with skim milk, but it doesn’t have much fat.   I know Stoneyfield has a whole milk yogurt, but it is $.89 each.  I might have to suck it up and start buying it or experiment again with making yogurt.  I have tried making it and it was easy to make, but sometimes it didn’t thicken so it was more like a drinkable yogurt.  That was okay for smoothies, but it wasn’t what I was going for.  It might be time to revisit yogurt making!


Lowe’s Home Improvement Store!

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No you didn’t misread the title. It does say Lowe’s Home Improvement Store!

I include this to point out that there are food deals everywhere…sort of.

The above plants are just a few that will be going in our garden.

Spent:  $14.47

Saved:  $14.47

savings:  50%

Lowes was running BOGO sale on Bonnie plants and select seeds.  Unfortunately they were rather picked over so we will still have to go to Whitaker farm to get the rest of our plants.   We love Whitaker farms, that is where we have picked strawberries the last few years.  I hope this years picking is better than last years, or we might have to find another you pick place.  For those who have the time picking yourself is a great way to save money.   Last year we picked strawberries for $1.10 lb.  Yes they might be around $1.50 in the store or even $1.25 but often the berries aren’t as fresh and sometimes are starting to rot.  This way we get to pick what we want!  It is also a great trip for the kids to see where there food comes from.