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Harris Teeter Super Doubles 11-6-11 November 7, 2011

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Harris Teeter 11-4-11

Spent:   $55.01

Saved:   $119.39

Total Value:   $174.00

69% savings, Also have a CATALINA Q $4 to use next time.

So, maybe my totals are super low like some extreme couponers, but everything I bought we USE!.

On the plus side I did get quite a few FREE/ less than $1

5x Maxwell coffee

5x Triscuits

3x Chex Cereal (make tons of white trash for XMas gifts)

4x Kikkoman Panko

2x Sara Lee bread

(very annoyed w/ Sara Lee- I wish they would make all there breads w/o HFCS)

2x Cheese Nips

3x Smart Balance Milk


4x Almond Breeze Milk $1.40 — not going to say it is as good as milk, but still an okay choice.

OreIda Fries BOGO so 2 for $3.59– not best price, but will be buying more SWEET POTATO FIRES!

Purina 20lbs dog chow $6.80–

makes cheaper than Sam’s will be getting more as this is a more convenient size for the kids to move around.

Lightbulbs $1.29 each— will be buying lots of these over the next few weeks b/c I am not ready to give up Edison light bulbs entirely!

I haven’t been doing lots of shopping lately, so this will be a very busy week in comparison.   I see several trips w/ friends on Monday & Tuesday.