Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Sam’s 7-5-11 &Walmart 7-10-11 July 11, 2011

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No pic…this is really just for my totals:

Sam’s $92

Saved $25 or so…

I bought 2x 36 ct hershey bar boxes for our baby announcements– That was $36

The rest was spent on produce & bread.   Since Brad was going to be home all week after Silas was born we splurged and got lots of bagels, English muffins and other variety of breads to go with all the deli meat & cheese I had bought already.

Got the kids a 200ct box of flavor ice 😉

Walmart 7-10

Spent:  $68, but nearly half of that was misc. household items that seem to always be paid for out of  grocery $$

Savings:   Maybe $8 on all the fresh produce I bought.   I always seem to buy more produce when I shop at Walmart.   I guess b/c I am shopping to fill in the gaps and their prices on produce as a whole are reasonable, especially compared to Harris Teeter or Food Lion.


Walmart June 9, 2011 June 12, 2011

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Spent:  $ 72.82

Saved:  probably $8-$10 lots of the produce was on sale.

This trip wasn’t really about saving lots of money it was about picking up lots of odds & ends.

I easily spent $25 on non-grocery items like:

*Air filter $7 (walmart is the only place that sells our size)

*$6 worth of fabric

*$5 microfiber towels

*$8 on various sewing supples

Other than the produce the rest of the food items were for a bunch of freezer meals I will be making during the next week.

*Frozen Hashbrowns x 3 &  Evaporated Milk get added to the spiral sliced ham I made & cubed and lots of Kraft Shredded Cheese to make

THREE large 9×13 Hash brown Casseroles

I think my overall cost for each casserole was maybe $6-$7 and it will feed all 6 of us with LOTS of leftovers.  For me freezer cooking goes hand in hand with couponing.  I can buy meat when on sale and plan my freezer meats around what is normally the most expensive ingredient and save lots of money.  I can also pick up other ingredients as I find them on sale and reduce my expense even more.

*Frozen Broccoli for several Broccoli Chicken casseroles- not my exact recipe, but you get the idea

*Water Chestnuts– will end up in a Chicken & Rice Casserole that used Uncle Ben’s/Rice a Roni Wild Rice & Cream of mushroom soup…

I can make this pretty cheap b/c I can get so many of the pantry items on sale and just wait for the meat to go on sale.


Walmart 5-10-11 May 11, 2011

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Spent:  $8.

Saved:  $2

total Value: $10

20% savings!

I went in looking for Monkey’s in a Barrel and since this pregnant woman had no desire to make another stop for Ice Cream to go with  Ethan’s birthday cake I settled for an okay price on Blue Bunny Ice Cream instead of driving myself & all 4 kids to another store for the best price!

* 2 cartons Ice Cream $2.95 each after Q

*3 1/2 lbs banans


Walmart 4-19-11 Wild Goose Chase! April 20, 2011

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Spent:  $19.50

Saved:  $8.50

Total Value:  $28.00

30% savings!!!


Nivea Bodywash $3.- $3. off Q= FREE

So I ran in looking for replacement tent stakes that a friend had seen on clearance…of course I didn’t find them.  But I decided since I was there I would pick up the Easter bunnies for the kids Easter baskets.


Sam’s, Aldi & Walmart 3-4-11 March 15, 2011

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Spent:  $308 (got $94 back from friend, so

Really spent:  $214

Saved:  $163

Total Value:  including total spent: $471

or 35% savings!


So here goes…I split a case of 90/10 lean ground beef with a friend; after tax our price per lb was $2.35.

I also picked up a few other grocery items from Sam’s.  A lot of the extras you see were used to make 30+ freezer meals.

I didn’t tally up everything I needed so I just overbought on some of the staples we were running low on.  So just b/c you see 4 boxes of mashed potatoes doesn’t mean I used all 4 boxes!  I did use all 8 packs of tortillas and had to get more.  I am hoping to write an article on couponing & freezer cooking detailing what I made and how much I really spent.


Walmart & farmer stand 7-14-10 July 19, 2010

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Spent:  $25 or so.

Saved:  ??

Not much savings, but needed most of the stuff so we could make homemade salsa with our garden tomatoes.

We made almost 30 pints of homemade salsa.  I am not sure that we came out cheaper than store bought using a sale + coupon, but it sure does taste batter and I KNOW what is in it!


Walmart 7-2-10 July 11, 2010

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Not everything from today came out of my grocery fund.  I also lost my receipt so I am going to guess:

Spent:  $75

Saved:  $45 or so.  It was an odd trip!

14 packs FREE pampers wipes

$28 savings

Also spent WAY to much on other stuff.

I had several coupons and bought 4 cases mason jars and lots of canning lids

I also bought lots of other needed items.  At least I hope they were needed b/c I didn’t take a photo so I really don’t remember anything except wipes and canning supplies!

This was great.  I took my ALDI flier with me and price matched all of the above items.  I think I save almost $5 just by doing that.