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Food Lion 2-24-11 February 25, 2011

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Spent:  $25.91

Saved:  $34.07

Total Value:  $59.98

57% savings


So the sales this week at Harris Teeter were…well disappointing after Super Doubles last week.  There wasn’t a lot of things that we needed, so I opted to just go to Food Lion.  The prices on produce at HT have been outrageous lately and usually I don’t see as much weekly price fluctuation  @ Food Lion.

*GM Cereal BOGO- yes I could have saved an extra $3 @ HT b/c my coupons would have doubled-

but I wouldn’t have seen that as $$ staying in my pocket b/c I would have still been buying  overpriced produce

Food Lion’s Q policy also lets me use 1 Q on each item regardless if it is a BOGO sale or not at HT, I can only use 1 Q per BOGO PAIR.

In the end I paid around $1.20 or so a box.  My goal is $1 or less for kids cereal so it wasn’t really all that far off!

*Eddy’s BOGO @ $5.99–

I have been eying the Girl Scout Thin Mint Ice Cream for several weeks and have been waiting for it to go on sale!

*Town House Crackers BOGO @ $3.79- $1/ off 2 boxes Q= $1.40 each

-Aldi’s price for generic Ritz are $1.39…my goal is to get name brand Ritz/Town House for around $1.75 or less a box.

(We eat lots of generics, but this is one of those things where I think the name brand is better and I am willing to pay slightly more $$ for it.)

-I love it!   As we were putting away groceries Brad says, “I like Town House crackers better than Ritz!”

Hello, I have a bunch more Q and didn’t use them b/c I still had several boxes of Ritz at home!  I guess I will be running out and getting a few more boxes!

*Kraft Cheese- $1.35 each after store Q & Internet Q…not as cheap as HT this week, but only off by $.25 a bag!

We renewed our Sam’s membership and I have been comparing cheese prices at Food Lion/ HT vs. Sams:  it seems I need to get my shredded cheese for less than $2 a lb in order to beat the Sam’s price on the 5lb bag of Mozerella & Cheddar.  I have been having a hard time getting cheese that cheap lately, so I see those large bags in my near future.  We eat homemade pizza everyweek and that uses 2 bags of cheese/1lb and of course cheese is added to many many meals around here.  The trade off by consuming so much cheese & yogurt is we don’t usually drink more than 2-3 gallons of milk a week.

*Grapes $.99 lb

*Romaine Lettuce $2.49 (ice berg lettuce @ HT was $2.49– Yep, I am a lettuce SNOB)

*Roma tomato $1.48 for .55lb of under ripened tomatoes!

*Cucumber $.99 for ONE— Summer please come soon!

*Chicken tender strips BOGO @ $12.99 or $6.50 for a 2 1/2lb bag.

-$2 Q off Chicken— final price $4.50 a bag or $1.80 lb


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  1. Lisa Says:


    Hi. I’m in GSO also. Where do you pick strawberries? I usually go to Rudds off of Hwy 29. They might be a little higher than others but they are the closest to my house.

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