Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!


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Okay– these Items all seem unrelated, but they aren’t!

Do you see the computer software???

(BRAD’S FAVORITE– we needed it for our MAC)

Hello– STaples had it on sale

$65- $55 VISA DEBIT CARD= $10 for something we NEEDED for our computer!

So know you are wondering how is Software, a box of Ink Cartridges & and a Hair buff have in common–

The ink & Hair Buff were both bought w/ my $55 visa card!

YEP– I have been recycling ink here and there, but not consistently to cover our own ink usage and other office supplies we use.

I had read about people buying USED INK from ebay.   I had to think about.   Finally, I decided I would!
That box of ink cost $35 w/ 200 cartridges– that is 20 months of recycling at $2 each= $400
But don’t forget I paid for it w/ a gift card for buying software we NEEDED!

I bought that in February and so far I have recycled 30 cartridges netting $60 in store credit.

The hair buff was bought off of easy w/ the rest of that $55 gift card!

Of all the office supply stores Staples has the least restrictive recycling program.   I recycle 10 month= $20 credit– NO strings attached.   I don’t need to spend anything- although I am usually picking up other office supplies 🙂

Sometimes they will have promos like SPEND $50 HP ink get $4 per cartridge.   That is easy enough for me b/c we have an HP printer!

Most people who dabble w/ staples won’t buy ink off of ebay, I however use lots of office/school supplies b/c we homeschool.   I also don’t have lots of friends who burn through ink and pass them on to me.    I kind of worried about the ethical ramifications, but finally decided if hubby or friends gave me ink I would recycle it– this is just moving the process forward.   Also it is potentially keeping more ink out of the landfill– maybe, I’m not entirely sure what Staples does w/ them.





Harris Teeter 9-20-11 September 21, 2011

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Spent:  $49.

Saved: $90.04

Total Value:  $139.04

65% savings

Yep, I got lots of veggies tonight.   I did some shopping w/ my friends card so I was able to pick up more veggies.   I don’t feel the least bit guilty.   I didn’t clear the shelves!!!


Harris Teeter 9-19-11

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Spent:  $41.80

Saved:   $51.41

Total Value:  $93.21

55% savings

Not a lot of free stuff, but lots of items we use at really good prices.


Harris Teeter 9-17-11

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Spent:   $38.30

Saved:  $70.62

Total Value:  $108.82

65% savings

Not to many free items this go round, but lots of items we use for a much lower price.


Sam’s 9-13-11

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Spent:  $40


Aldi 9-13-11

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Spent:  $26

Saved:   ???hard to tell @ Aldi


Harris Teeter 9-13-11

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Spent:   $27.49

Saved:  $44.66

Total Value:  $72.15

72% savings