Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Harris Teeter 10-25-10 October 25, 2010

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Spent:  $24.67

Saved:  $57.09

Total Value:  $81.76

70% savings

Quick trip to HT tonight.  I think I did okay.  I have been working very hard to cut my grocery budget almost in half.  We budget to spend $700 a month.  I haven’t changed our budgeted amount in ages, but I have noticed that the last few months our grocery bill has been going down b/c I haven’t been stockpiling everything.  My pantry is very full of items that we eat often, so I am getting to the point that I can wait for items to hit rock bottom and stock up on just those items…and maybe have a few items that maybe aren’t rock bottom, but still a good price for stocking up on- especially if we use it a lot.    I have also been working on rotating our flour supply and control our diet a little bit more, so I have been using my bread machine to make our sandwich bread.

To be honest I was rather disappointed with myself.  I was trying to stay within $50 this week.  That is really hard for a family of 6 after buying fresh produce & milk.  It doesn’t leave much room for buying sale items.  I went over by about $20, but most of that $20 was spent at EarthFare –$12–bulk wheat glutten for the bread machine. The other was spent at Dollar General buying LOTS of 90% off summer clearance items.  I bought 20+kites, 6 pairs of water shoes, 2 sets flipper/snorkel/goodles, earplugs/nose clips for swimming, lots pool floaties… all for around $10.  SERIOUSLY 🙂

Alright enough rambling tonight’s deals were okay.   To start off with I had $9 in cat Q that help lower my expenses.

-2 FREE yoplus yogurt

-4 x martha white corn muffin mix $.05 each

(I think  I am going to get more qs off ebay)

-oscar mayer carving board meat had RC for $2.99- $1 Man Q- $1 Store Q= $.99

(will probably use the ham to make quiche later in the week)

– Thomas English muffins BOGO @ $3.69- no Q, but Brad’s likes these for breakfast

-2 gallon milk $7.

(I am amazed everytime we visit Brad’s family in Lancaster PA how cheap the milk is.  there are dairy cows EVERYWHERE.  The farms haven’t been driven out of business b/c of government interventions.    For what I spend on milk here, I could get organic milk in glass jars from.  Enough of my rant.  We eat lots of cheese and yogurt b/c they are cheaper and have more concentrated calcium & protien.  They also go on sale with coupon matchups all the time.  So currently milk is mainly for breakfast which is the only thing that lets our family of 6 get away with only using 2-3 gallons a week.)

*Wolfgang Puck broth $.49 each.

I learned my lesson last year- broth doesn’t go on sale year round, so I need to stock up for the next year NOW.   I had to suck it up and pay full price several times during the summer b/c I needed broth.  I am collecting RainChecks every time I see one of the flavors is out of stock.   This is also another area I am refusing to be brand loyal.  Free to cheap broth is good.  I make lots of soups & stews during the winter and what I know is that the brand of broth doesn’t make or break my meals!

*Krusteaz muffin mix $.50 each

*Krusteaz pancake mix $1.25

(I know kind of high, but I love the blueberry pancake mix.)

*Bumblee albacore tuna pouch FREE

Bumblee bee canned chicken 2 x $.25 each

*Newmans own salsa con queso $.50

*glory beans $.09 each after Q

*Hormel chili $1 each

******clearance batteries ~$9 or so**********

I know probably could have been cheaper, but I didn’t have any Q.  This is another item that I just can’t keep in our stash.  Sam’s had much better prices even after clearanced batteries or sale + Q.

*blue diamond nuts, $.90 after evic special & Q


Overall I guess it was an okay night.  I am going to be irritated with myself that I went over my “mental” budget, but I am having a hard time breaking away for the stocking up mentality and actually living off our stash.  I am really trying to be careful about what we are buying, so we will see how it goes over the next few months on our reduced budget.


Food Lion 10-25-10

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Spent:  $27.60

Saved:  $21.69

Total Value:  $49.247

44% savings

Yeah, I know not impressive numbers, but it isn’t summer anymore and produce prices are already reflecting that!

I also had to buy Olive Oil.  I really think EVOO is one of those items where the Sam’s price can’t be beat.  For our family we will go through the gallon of EVOO long before it goes bad.  I really need to renew my Sam’s membership and make a big trip.

I bought 10 packs of Kraft cheese over 2 transactions.

Here was the deal, buy 5 Kraft items save $5 instantly, I also had a $5/off 5 Kraft cheese items-

$2.50x 4= $10. (shreds & slices) + $2.99 (block)= $12.99- $5 instant savings- $5 Q= $2.99 or $.60 each


HT 10-19-10 October 20, 2010

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Spent:  $52.61

Saved:  $111.20

Total Value:  $153.81

68% savings

also got  CAT Qn good on later purchases:  $3, & $20 and a $20 in limbo??


I did some shopping for a friend tonight and hit two different stores b/c I have been looking for Heinz ketchup and College Inn broth.

The broth was free and the 20 oz Heinz ketchup was $.37- not $.17 like last week, but still a stock up price as far as I am concerned!

*Old Orchard juice B2G3 – no Q, but still a good price.

also got a RC b/c they were out of most of the flavors!

*Spaghettio’s $.60 each

*Old Glory beans $.09 each

*tried this GM catalina promo…I think I goof and didn’t hit the required $20 in order to get $20 back in CAT Qn.  I asked the customer service if we could re-ring it, but she was worried something might mess, up so she was going to contact HT corporate.  I will get really pushy if they can’t do anything, b/c I asked several times if we could re-do  the transaction.  Anyway, I will have to wait and see.

the sec0nd transaction printed just fine 🙂

*Dixie Crystal $.85 each- better price than Aldi and I use lots of powdered sugar when I decorate cakes!



CVS 10-16-10 October 17, 2010

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Brad CVS

spent:  $5.68

Saved:  $27.54

Total Value:  $33.27

83% savings

I started with 10ECB, I left w/ $15.

$2 ECB WYB (2) Quaker Products at $2.50 Limit 2

-Used 2x $2 off Q= Meaning both were FREE and I made $1!

$2.99 ECB WYB Colgate Total Advanced or Enamel Strength toothpaste 4oz

.75/1 Colgate toothpaste, 4 oz +, SS 10/03 or printable

Free and made $.75!

*candy corn FREE, Q machine spit out a $.99Q for candy corn

*$1/off2 fun size mars candy, so $1 each.  I know that is how much I could pay most places, but there I might have to use real money!

*Azo cream $.699- $2 Q= $4.99, get 5ECB so FREE



Spent: $.87

Saved:  $13.17

Total Value:  $14.o4

94% savings

I saved a lot, but I have no ECB left.  That is okay though b/c when I think of them as currency that goes up and down it isn’t a big deal.  There will always be more coupons around the corner where I “make/grow” my ecb a little.    Today, I used my ecb to buy things we needed/wanted, but I paid very little cash.

I picked up a few stocking stuffer items for my kids and a free bag of candy corn after using a  Q the red machine spit out!


Food Lion 10-16-10 October 16, 2010

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Spent:   $31.47

Saved:  $67.50

Total Value:  $98.97

68% savings 🙂

Do you remember all those aquapods from a few weeks ago?  Well, I had $7 in Cat coupons that were expiring today, so I had to run in and get some meat!


*All the pasta was FREE.

It was priced $1 each and there was a BLINKIE MACHINE right in front of them.

The coupons were for $1 off= FREE

No, I didn’t clear the shelf.  The machine was still spitting out blinkies when we left and there was pasta on the shelf!

*Whole Boneless Beef Sirloin Tip $1.98lb

I bought 2  they averaged 8-10lbs each and I think I got 18lbs or so.

Now this might seem intimidating to some people to buy this much beef, but really it isn’t that much.

I am planning to make meatballs and hamburger patties and maybe a few other freezer meals.  I haven’t completely decided what I am going to make.

NOW here is the important part-  this is a WHOLE sirloin tip.  It comes vacuumed sealed.   You could take it home and do lots of stuff like cut it into smaller roasts, beef stew cubes, sirloin steaks or pound to death and have cube steak, and finally grind it up and have ground beef.    Or even better you can just ask the BUTCHER to do any of the above things mentioned.   This is a FREE SERVICE for the customers.   I don’t usually get stuff cut up from the butcher, but I am sure it would make my life easier if I would remember to ask!



HT 10-12-10 October 13, 2010

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Spent:  $39.45

Saved:  $100.12

Total Value:  $139.57

72% savings


++++Also spent $10 at FL on 2 gallons milk and eggs++++

That means that I stayed within my goal of $50 and I still managed to add to our stash!



5x College Inn Broth

6x cans glory beans

3x kraft cheese

(this was an evic special and a home mailer Q from HT.  Even those these were FREE I really overpaid.  Normally I average paying $.50-$.75 a pack, but the Customer Service decided since the 3 cheeses were coming off as completely free I hadn’t bought enough to use my $5/ off 5 Kraft items.)

12 x Mahatma Rice


Pet food October 6, 2010

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Spent $50


I can’t give an exact amount for the savings.  I don’t know that we really saved much anyway, but we did have to buy it for all of our animals.

I am going to try and cut our grocery budget way back, but I can never seem to get ahead on pet food so I can’t cut this out of the grocery budget.