Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

CVS 8-30-10 August 30, 2010

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Spent:  $1.20

Saved:  $32.66

Total Value:  $33.86

97% savings

*Phillips earbuds $6.99, get $6.99 ECB back

*Campbells soup $.50 each

So I haven’t been to CVS much lately;  life has been busy and there hasn’t been anything we couldn’t live without.  There weren’t much on sale this week, but my ECB would be expiring soon and the earbuds will make a great stocking stuffer.  So between both cards I spent $19.98 in ECB and got back $13.98 for 2 earbuds & 1 ECB for my green bag tag.  This could have been better but I have misplaced a $10 CVS giftcard from last month.  I took a picture of it and now I don’t know what happened to it 😦


Harris Teeter 8-30-10

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Spent:  $32.04

Saved:  $77.86

Total Value:  $109.90

71% savings

*Shamrock milk FREE

*Newman’s Salsa FREE

*Welch’s juice $1.50

*Pineapple Juice $1.00

*Luzianne Tea $.30

*Dole Peaches $1.00

*Bisquick $.59

*Peter Pan $.80


Harris Teeter 8-29-10 August 29, 2010

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Spent:  $62.40

Saved:  $98.88

Total Value:  $161.28

61% savings

It was a ho hum night.  I was really disappointed.  HT had Dole fruit on sale and last week the shelf tags said that a store promo of buy $10 get $3 back would be going through 8/31.  I bought coupons to stock up on fruit and went shopping tonight.  Unfortunately, the promo tags had been pulled so no extra $3 savings.  Anyway, I now have lots of coupons and I have been looking to stock up on canned fruit so since the items were still on sale- just no extra promo-I stocked up!

Mandarin Oranges $.50 each

Tropical fruit $.50

Peaches $1.oo each

Welch’s Juice $1.50 each ( we love the black cherry grape)

Cheese Nips $.75 each

Chock full of Nuts Coffee $1.

Motts applesauce BOGOF

Shamrock milk 12 oz FREE after sale & Qn

Duracell batteries clearance $3.30 each pack

(this is where it would have been nice to actually have pre-clipped Q in my binder, nut just what I need for each week!)

Nature’s Own Bread BOGOF $1. each

Boston Butt Pork Roast $.99 lb

White grapes $.99 lb

Crispin Apples $.99lb

& the usual milk & bananas & newspaper!


random musings August 25, 2010

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So what is the point of stockpiling food?  It is different for most people, but here a few of the main reasons why I do it.

1.  To make the best use of our limited financial resources.

Having a family of six is rather expensive!  Just b/c we have added a new little one and increased our expenditures does not mean that Brad got a raise!  It is a walk of faith to have four kids and live in a VERY materialistic country  where what is considered necessary can be very expensive.  (Think electricity, vehicles, insurance, medical care; these are huge luxuries that lots of people don’t have!)

When I am wondering how we are doing staying in our budget I often refer to the USDA cost of food statistics.    I often find that it isn’t my imagination that costs of food have dramatically risen and that makes it harder to stay on track.       (Sorry I haven’t figured out how to put in direct links yet.)

So according to the USDA using the thrifty food plan & compiling the ages of everyone in my home we should be spending $181 a week- $785 a month -$9,412 a year.  From what I understand about the USDA list this DOES NOT INCLUDE HEALTH & BEAUTY ITEMS OR PET FOOD/SUPPLIES.  My goal is to spend $8500 this year INCLUDING HEALTH & BEAUTY & PET FOOD.

2.  To honor God.

This goes hand in hand with the above statement, but also goes further.  By stockpiling we can very quickly and easily help others in need.  We can also help without having to wonder how can we afford to do so.  Since stockpiling we have sent several large care packages to overseas military, we have filled up a paper grocery bag w/ food & paper products for  someone in need, we have provided two paper bags full of toiletries & snacks  for groups that our Sunday School supports, as a family we filled 6 bags for our church’s feeding the 5.000 food drive, and filled 4 shoeboxes Operation Chrismas child.   I am not listing all of this to pat ourselves on the back, but to point out that there are many opprotunities to give.  We  might have given to two or three of the above mentioned ones, but we couldn’t have done all of them nor could we have donated as much as we did.

If you look at our current stockpile you would have no idea that we gave anything away.   Now that I am beginning to see what the rock bottom prices are I know what to stock up on; one week it might be pasta, tomatoes and the next meat or yogurt.    I am also learning how to work the coupons and ECB at CVS.  One of my long -term goals is to reduce our OOP expense for organizing our Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes.  I know I can get all of the toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss & soap for FREE.  I also know that when I stock up on school supplies in August I cut our expenses way down.  (Last year I forgot to this, so we spent way more than usual.  Something about having a new baby I forgot to stash stuff away throughout the year!)  Socks will also go on sale right before school and I buy a few packs for our boxes.   I would also like to find little games/playing cards throughout the year.  I have had varying degrees of success with that!

3.  The Bible encourages stockpiling.

There are several instances where stockpiling is encouraged.  The most obvious is Joseph in Egypt.  God joined Joseph’s faithfulness and Egypt’s fertile land to save HIS people.  God even commanded them to stockpile.    I see that we are living in the 7 good years right now.  (I am not saying the world is coming to an end.)  I don’t know when the time of plenty will end.  It could be a job loss just around the corner, a natural disaster or an even more severe economic downturn.  It doesn’t matter what it is.  I want to be ready.  We try to prepare our family in several ways that I am willing to discuss online.    The most obvious is to stockpile food.  The second is stockpile clothes.   I have four boys.  It is a guarantee they are going to grow.  To combat this I buy WAY ahead.   When you see me shopping at consignment sales I am buying to fill in any gaps, BUT mainly I am buying ahead.  Joshua doesn’t wear a 18-20 yet, but he will.  (He currently is wearing 12’s, those seemed so big just a few years ago!  I thought he would never wear them!  But lo and behold he is and guess what I didn’t have to run out and go shopping b/c overnight he outgrew all of his 10’s with 6-8 more weeks of winter left!  I went shopping in the next size up bin!  I found a treasure trove of pants and shirts for him.

I know many of you are saying that only works b/ c you have boys.  YES and NO!  Yes, b/c I limit myself to fashion staples.  Jeans, Kakhi, polo’s long-sleeved & short-sleeved, nice sweaters, dress shirts, nicer winter coats, boots, and jackets.   Now many would say that would never work with girls.  I can say if I had girls I would still do the same thing.  I believe in my children wearing modest clothes regardless of gender.  That means in order to find modest girls clothes I might have to look harder and longer making this even more of a necessity.   I have no intentions of buying crappy clothes for either gender.  I am not into the latest fad or pop idol.  My kids have a few trademarked items, but not a lot.  My kids are not going to be walking advertisers for Disney, Nickelodeon, A&F, AE, Old Navy…and whoever else.  Yes, we have those items, but I am not brand loyal!

Enough of my random musings.


Harris Teeter 8-24-10

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Spent:  $45.49

Saved:  $53.83

Total Value:  $99.32 & got $3 ONYO Q from Dole

54 % savings

I know my savings haven’t been too high the last few trips, but HT doesn’t run Super Doubles or Triples every week!  There were a few things that I NEEDED to buy.  I had to buy the 2 boxes cake mix, 2 bags powdered sugar & 2 things of McCormick flavorings.  Thar alone was almost $12.  I know how can I possible need cake mix after all I bought a few months ago…well I do make cakes on the side and all of my kids have had birthdays & I have made several HUGE baby shower cakes.  I am making a cake this weekend so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to run out of any supplies and have to run out last minute!

*bought more goldfish- I am wishing I had bought more.

*RC skippy PB $.70 each

My kids can eat some goldfish and they are really small bags.  Even according to the label there are only 6 servings in it.  So it would not be unusual for all 6 of us to finish off 1 bag at a time!

*Dole spend $10 get 3 electronic store Qn off next order.  I broke this up into 2 transactions b/c I already had a balance of $8 toward the $10 needed.

I had a variety of coupons, but I really wanted Mandarin oranges- they only had 2 cans 😦  I got a raincheck for those b/c $1 a can is still a good price for me even without the promo deal.     I did see that the prices & promo are going for another week so I came home and bought a larger variety of coupons from ebay.   The sale also included fruit bowls, canned juice, the jarred fruit and most of the larger cans of fruit.

After Super Doubles Brad & I were reviewing our stockpile and realized the only things we were getting low on were canned fruits & frozen vegetables.  Now I need to clear some space in anticipation of good sales w/ coupon match ups on frozen veggies 🙂    (The veggies were sorta on sale, but no real Q to go with it so I didn’t buy any.)

*Hilshire farm deli meat $2.50 or so a pack-

This is another item that i really have to limit or else I couldn’t afford to feed my growing boys.  The kids eat PB &J almost everyday and deli sandwiches on the weekend when Brad is home.  On the weekend’s we can clean off an entire package at one setting…and let’s not forget the cheese that must go along.

I don’t know how I am going to afford to feed them as they keep growing.  I will easily have 3 teenage boys living in my home at the same time & for many years!!!  Maybe I should just start a farm now!?!


Harris Teeter & Aldi 8-24-10

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Total from both stores:

Spent:  $123.18

Saved:  $77.50

Total Value:  $200.68

39% savings

Sorry, I lumped all my totals together and now don’t know where my receipts went!  Anyway, I think I spent $32 or so at Aldi & $90 or so at HT.   Of course the savings are reflective of HT.  Tonight I went with Brad & all 4 kids; it was a hard night shopping b/c we needed a lot of  items not usually on our shopping list.  That of course meant that Brad & I were focused on shopping and not the kids.  Well, we got it done and it really wasn’t that bad!


Good sales:

*goldfish $1. a bag

*dole- spend $10 worth save 3 on next order- store promo, not a Qn that prints with reciept

I did this deal twice and actually went well over the $10 requirement, but I noticed that it accumulated up to  increments of  $10. so it is okay that I went over.

I will go back later and get more mandarin oranges.  We love mandarin oranges!!!  So after my $.50/off 2 Qn I averaged paying $.40 a can or so.  It covered lots of dole fruit.

*Eggs BOGO

*oreo had $1 off peelie Qn when you bought milk- I already had a jug of milk in my cart 🙂

*RC for skippy PB, had to use up b4 my Qs expire.  $.70 a far

*BOGO NY bone in strip steak!

Most of my $90 was spent on our weekend plans.   We had friends over and made a huge pan of zucchini stir fry and Brad wanted to make spring rolls.  So we needed lots of new items for that.    We also bought BOGO NY bone in strip steak for the grill on Sunday evening…sort of a last good bye to a mostly crappy summer.  Here is hoping that fall brings better times!


Harris Teeter Super Doubles 8-17-10 August 17, 2010

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Spent:  $36.54

Saved:  $100.84

Total Value:  $137.38

73% savings

*5 x pampers $3. after Raincheck & Qn, I should have only been able to double 3 of my 5 Q, but I think b/c I hadn’t reached my limit of 20 coupons they still doubled!!!   YAY, that means I got almost an entire huge case for $15.  (a huge Sam’s/ BabiesR Us case has 6 packs and averages $40)

*5 M &M’s ice cream cookies — $1.13 a box

Did you get that…for what I might pay for ONE at a GAS STATION I got a box of six!

I had a raincheck for these and the snicker ice cream bars I bought last week had $1/ off 1 Qn inside.  I didn’t think I was going to be able to use that raincheck anytime soon b/c I didn’t have any Q to match to it!!!

*3x Peter Pan PB sale 3/$5 or $1.66 each, had $.60 Q= $.46 each

My hubbie really liked the PB w/ honey & my store doesn’t carry that one, so I went to Skeet Club Rd instead- also had to go there to get the icecream b/c my stores freezers were broken so NO ice cream!

*Smart Balance PB 2/$5. or $2.50, had $1/ off Q bought from ebay= $.50 jar!!!

I know you guys must be thinking why so much PB, well I have been couponing since last November and the cheapest I have paid for PB was $.89.   On average we use 1-2 jars a WEEK, so if I want to be stocked for a year- until it is on sale this cheap again- I need at least 100 jars.  I know that seems crazy, but PB has a shelf life of 12-18months unopened, of course at my house once opened it is usually gone in a week!

Brad also likes to send soldier care packages.  He ALWAYS puts a jar of PB in there.    We would like to increase how many we can send and we can do that by having a good stockpile available and all we have to pay for is shipping- which is still rather expensive b/c these are HEAVY boxes!

*Cheese Nips FREE- so annoyed- I should have read my coupons & sales better I could have bought more this week.  I bought RITZ cracker coupons from ebay, but didn’t actually read them until yestarday when I realized they were good on ANY Nabisco crackers!!!   Oh well at least we are well stocked on Ritz, which my kids eat a lot of.  We often make our “lunchable” kits or just eat PB with Ritz crackers.  I was pretty excited to get Ritz for $.99, last time I was at Aldi I think they were $2.

*Wheat Thins- $.50 after sale & Qn

*2x ~ 1/2 lb Salmon Fillets- my cost after Q was $5-$6 per fillet.  I know I could have used my coupons on tillapia or something cheaper and paid a lot less this week, but Salmon is such a healthy fish that I think it was worth it to get this week.  We used to each Salmon once a week or so, but since we didn’t renew or Sam’s membership no Salmon lately and after awhile canned tuna just doesn’t cut it!

*Italian sausage on markdown, I think each pack was $2.50 or so.