Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Harris Teeter Friday 4-22-11 April 27, 2011

Filed under: Harris Teeter — queen620 @ 7:13 am

Spent:  $40.72

Saved:  $85.66

Total Value:  $126.38

68% savings

MILK $.20– the difference not covered by my FREE milk Q

*eggs 2 1/2 doz $2.57

*Tropical Fruit $.50 I think…

*Hellmans mayo $1.24

*Gold Medal Flour $1.19 WITHOUT COUPON!!!

Dixie 4lb sugar $1.49

Domino Sugar 1lb boxes $.25 EACH

Zatarans $.75 each

Scott Paper Towel $2.99

Kraft Shredded Cheese $.66

*Nilla Wafers $1

*Fig Newtons $1.09

I have lots of coupons for sugar and will be making numerous trip to stock up on flour & sugar!


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