Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Harris Teeter Super Doubles 6-22-11 June 23, 2011

Filed under: Harris Teeter — queen620 @ 12:49 pm

Spent:   $63.13

Saved:  $131.76

Total Value:  $ 194.89

68% savings

I don’t think anything was FREE today…all the freebies were already wiped out.   That is okay it might be there later in the week, and if not that is still okay!

I went to 2 different stores and used 2 different VIC cards like I often do.   I am not planning on dragging my 39week pregnant self out everyday and I really don’t see what the problem is shopping with a friend’s card.   Most normal weeks I am not planning to drive 25minutes each way to HT more than once, so if I have lots of Q I go to 2 different stores and I am done.    I don’t see the difference of me going twice in the week and using my card or going once and using my card & a friends.   Other than spending more on gas.    Enough of my rambling.

*10 Activia yogurt $1.69 each—

GAG— way more than I like to pay, but my coupons were $1/off 2 packs.   I also want to be well stocked so Brad/I don’t have to do much shopping after New Guy gets here within the next week or so.

*6 Danimal $.59 or so

*4 Frosted Mini Wheats $.74 each

*2 hungry jack syrup evic special & after $1 off Q = FREE

*2 Johnsonville Sausage links (think upgraded hotdogs)   $1.99

*2 Johsnonville GROUND italian sausage $.99 each

*1 Johnsonville Brats $4.55 OUCH…misread the sale tag, but needed the sausage!

*best life buttery spread $.59…won’t buy but a few, hopefully Food Lion will have them on sale $1 each making FREE.

*3 Oscar Mayer BEEF hotdogs– $1.35 each I think

*Snyders Pretzels $1.50 I think

*2 Kraft Salad dressing- get free HT croutons– $.50 each

*2 Bailey’s coffee creamer $.17

*wholly gaucomole $1.99…

we love the Pico De Gallo flavor which is $4.99 for a 2 pack box.   This stuff FREEZES GREAT!!!

*hefty freezer bags $.25 each I think

*6 Townhouse crackers $1.50 each… we LOVE crackers and often make our own “LUNCHABLES” or eat them in place of bread for the kids lunches!

*3 Rhodes Rolls 12 ct $.39 each…

found lots of great recipes at their website…

I found a great recipe for personal stromboli– think hot pockets!  We- me & older kids- made them with leftover ham & cheese.    Lots of ideas!


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