Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Walmart June 9, 2011 June 12, 2011

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Spent:  $ 72.82

Saved:  probably $8-$10 lots of the produce was on sale.

This trip wasn’t really about saving lots of money it was about picking up lots of odds & ends.

I easily spent $25 on non-grocery items like:

*Air filter $7 (walmart is the only place that sells our size)

*$6 worth of fabric

*$5 microfiber towels

*$8 on various sewing supples

Other than the produce the rest of the food items were for a bunch of freezer meals I will be making during the next week.

*Frozen Hashbrowns x 3 &  Evaporated Milk get added to the spiral sliced ham I made & cubed and lots of Kraft Shredded Cheese to make

THREE large 9×13 Hash brown Casseroles

I think my overall cost for each casserole was maybe $6-$7 and it will feed all 6 of us with LOTS of leftovers.  For me freezer cooking goes hand in hand with couponing.  I can buy meat when on sale and plan my freezer meats around what is normally the most expensive ingredient and save lots of money.  I can also pick up other ingredients as I find them on sale and reduce my expense even more.

*Frozen Broccoli for several Broccoli Chicken casseroles- not my exact recipe, but you get the idea

*Water Chestnuts– will end up in a Chicken & Rice Casserole that used Uncle Ben’s/Rice a Roni Wild Rice & Cream of mushroom soup…

I can make this pretty cheap b/c I can get so many of the pantry items on sale and just wait for the meat to go on sale.


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