Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Harris Teeter 6-4-11 June 12, 2011

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Spent:  $84.11 ARGH

Saved:  $105.59

Total Value:  $189.70

56% savings

Should have saved more, but several of my zaver Q didn’t come off

I also picked up the wrong jars of pickes– they were BOGO– but were in the wrong spot- So instead of paying $.20 a jar I paid $1.50 a jar 😦

I think my total should have been $7 lower.  Oh Well that is life.  I might return the pickles next week– that is if no one eats them first!  And I will contact customer service about the $4 Saver Q not coming off.   The e coupons are becoming a big hassle.  I keep saving them to my card, but they don’t come off half the time.  I lost $1.50 last week b/c the Q didn’t come off.

Anyway there were a lot of good deals this week on things we needed/wanted so I knew I was going to spend more than I often do, but that was okay!

The Purina Dog Chow came out CHEAPER than Sam’s– it doesn’t happen like that everytime!  For that reason Sam’s is the main place we get dog food.  Also with 2 large black labs a 20lb bag might last a week.  It is hard to stock up on something that they eat through so quickly.

*Cottonelle TP $3.49…my goal is less than $5 for a 12pk double roll or around $.40 a roll.  The TP I would buy from Sam’s is arould $.50 a roll so my goal is to beat that.  Once again with a large family I can’t wait for the price to drop rock bottom and stock up.  So I pick up a pack or 2 here and there when if falls to my price, so I don’t run out and am forced to pay FULL PRICE.


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