Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

A little of Everything for our vacation! May 25, 2011

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5-18-11 Sam’s $38…

3 large packs of deli meat – Ham, Turkey & Roast Beef 22oz each

1 large pack Provolone Cheese

Sounds expensive, but buying lunch meat meant we could easily pack picnic lunches while on vacation.  Sure we could have eaten Peanut Butter & Jelly for our picnics, but Brad isn’t so fond of PB& J and it was a real nice change in routine!

Thursday 5-19-11

Food Lion Beaufort, NC

Spent $28 or so…stocked up on fresh produce & bread and a few other things we forgot to pack for the week.

Saved $5

Saturday 5-21

Small island grocery store Harker’s Island…



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