Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Harris Teeter 5-1-11 Super Doubles May 4, 2011

Filed under: Harris Teeter — queen620 @ 12:06 pm

Spent:  $72.18

Saved:  $151.66

Total Value:  $223.84

68% savings

Not such a high percentage of savings tonight b/c I bought produce & meat.

I have a $10 Rebate for the BOGO Stew Meat I bought so that paired with the sale will be nearly 7 lbs FREE!

*Hefty Bags x 8 FREE–

I thought last weeks price @ $1 per pack was good, and it was better than Sam’s, but since my store was out several times I got a RainCheck…

HELLO SUPER DOUBLES.   My coupon was for $1/ off 2 so last week I paid $.50 a box, but this week that coupon double to $2/off 2 or FREE!!!

*Mission Tortilla $.50 each

*Mission Tortilla Chips FREE

*tostito Salsa– FREE

*Tostito chips FREE

*Pepsi FREE with purchase of 1 tostito chips & 1 salsa 🙂

*Bailey’s Coffee Creamer $.19

*Country Crock sticks $.67 each…I can get the tubs for nearly free,

but not the sticks  or REAL BUTTER which are better for baking

*did the Meal deal 2x = $8

*Vidalia Onions a lot— $.49lb

*Ortega Salsa $1.50

*Ortega Beans $.50

*Mission Tortilla $.50 each!

*Wholly Gaucomole $1.79

(I know the small packs would be free, but we don’t like the plan we like the Pico de Gallo)  I have read on their website it could be frozen which means I can stock up during Super Doubles and we can afford to have it more often 🙂

*Eggrolls $1.00

*UGH PAID FULL PRICE for Philly Cooking Cream…I left my Q in the car and was trying to be quick and I had run in without my binder.  My total should have been $3 lower 😦  On the plus side I had a Q for $1.50 off Chicken when buy cooking Cream so 2 pounds Boneless Skinless Chicken $3.50

Overall it has been a very expensive week of super doubles.   I think I have spent nearly $250, but really is it any different than the way I shopped before.  I would make 1 big trip a month to Sam’s, Aldi and fill in any gaps @ Walmart.  I would average $300-$400 during that big shopping week and then I would budget for $75-$100 a week the rest of the month.  My current goal is to spend $500 a month including everything.  My goal isn’t working out very well!  Part of that is b/c we easily spend $50-$75 a month to feed our 2 large black labs & our 4 cats.  I have also been trying to fill my freezer with dinners for when we have new guy in July so I have been spending more on meat and extras that we aren’t eating right now.   I am sure it will balance out some when I am not shopping as much during July & August except buying milk, bread & fresh produce; but right now it is expensive!


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