Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

CVS 4-8-11 April 13, 2011

Filed under: CVS — queen620 @ 12:09 pm

Spent:  $18.58

Saved:  $26.80

Total Value:  $45.38

59% savings left with17 ECB


Of Course CVS posted a save $5/off $40 purchase on ebay the day after I did my weekly shopping.  I spent the week trying to decide if I wanted to go in for a few more things.   I have horrible acid reflux when pregnant so I take generic pepcid every 12 hours and fill in with lots of Tums or Maalox.   In past pregnancies I have just stocked up at Sam’s, but this time I have been keeping my eyes open for sales at the CVS.

How I got to $40:

*$25 worth of Maalox, get 10 ECB

didn’t even have ANY Q for the deal.  Still an okay deal, I did compare prices at Sam’s just to make sure.

*Gold Bond Body Wash $5.88- $2 Q- 3 ECB back= $.88

*2x Right Guard Body Wash @ $3.88 =$7.76 – Buy 1 Get One Q $4.99 (cashier took off regular price instead of sale price)- 3 ECB back=  BOTH FREE

*Peeps $.50 each= $2


Pretty Good trip…I didn’t use a lot of  coupons, but I did spend the ECB I had from earlier in the week.

I spent almost 19 and left with 17 ECB for next time and I left with real product I would have bought somewhere, especially the Peeps or Maalox


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