Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Food Lion 4-7-11 April 8, 2011

Filed under: Food Lion — queen620 @ 2:48 am


OVERCHARGED… here is what I paid right now.  I will be back for a price adjustment.

Spent:  $29.55

Saved:  $26.01

Total Value:  $55.56 or 47% savings

*Kellogs Cereal on sale BOGO, did 2 transactions so I could get the FREE MILK coupon-

Deal buy 3 Kellogg’s get FREE Milk Q up to $3.59

I need to clear out some freezer space to squeeze in all of the milk Q I have collected!

*Needed Frozen Spinach- nothing really on sale!

*blue Bunny Ice Cream BOGO- $1 off Q for each carton =$2.00 each

*Lemon Juice NEEDED!

*Baking Soda NEEDED!

*Bananas saved $1- Q was buy 2 Kelloggs save $1 on produce- I buy these several times a week so to even save $1 is good!

*Grapes $.99lb- $1 off when buy 2 Kellloggs- it was a small bag so basically free!

I have more Q so when I head to HT I will be picking up more fruit with my Kelloggs cereal.



The shelf tag for Apple Jacks was in the wrong place so the boxes I bought didn’t ring up as half off.  I will be going back to get that adjusted later in the week.

Also the candy bars had hang tags saying BOGO, but didn’t ring up as BOGO.  I will also be taking those back and getting that fixed. Those 2 items should net a savings of $5 – $7. Since this store is across from my kids scout troop it is worth it to go back.


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