Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Harris Teeter SD Satruday 3-26-11 March 26, 2011

Filed under: Harris Teeter — queen620 @ 7:49 am

Spent:  $33.22

Saved:  $72.75

Total Value:  $105.87

67% savings & 2 Q for FREE gallon milk


*2 Classic spaghetti sauce $1.66- $1/off 1 Q Doubled

(I got lots of these Q, so happy me 🙂 )

*Smart Balance 1/2 gallon milk $3 – $1.50 Q Doubled

*Danactive $2- $1 Q Doubled

*Danimal kid yogurt $2- $1 Q doubled

*Rhodes Rolls $1.66- $1 Q Doubled

*$2 worth of apples- had Q for $1 off fruit when I buy 2 cereal it doubled to $2



*kakhi eggrolls $.12

*18ct eggs $.49 –

had Q save $1 on eggs with purchase of 2 Kelloggs cereal- Q doubled to $2.

*Lysol toilet bowl cleaner $.49 each

*$2 for 1 lb of cubed stew meat– Q was save $1 on beef when you buy 2 classico sauces–

there wasn’t much meat on sale, so I looked for the smallest package.

*Hefty trash bags $1.97– evic special @ $3.97 -$1 off peelie Q doubled–

very nice price for good quality trash bags.

*Kelloggs Honey Crunch $1.40 each, but got Q for free milk so really $.25 each 🙂

*Kellogs Raisn Bran Just realized I was still overcharged for this cereal.  UGH I over paid buy $2 VERY ANNOYING.  Yes, I could go back to the store and try to get this worked out, but really it was a HUGE hassle to begin with.  The store was out of the 25 oz boxes that were on sale BOGO, but they stockers put out 20.5 boxes in the wrong spot, unfortunately the register hadn’t been changed to reflect this substitution…UGH  I thought it had been worked out right 😦

It really pays to watch the screen when checking out.  I knew something was off and even after lots of haggling over the Q & explaining the problem— which in reality I can’t believe some other couponer hadn’t spotted—-I still though I was overpay buy about $2, but was confused b/c she was trying to tell me I couldn’t use this Q & that Q when I had had no problems with them all week.  Anyway it is the cost of not paying attention 😦



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