Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Harris Teeter 3-19-11 March 19, 2011

Filed under: Harris Teeter — queen620 @ 8:33 am

Spent:  $50.40

Saved:  $83.70

Total Value:  $134.10

62% savings


It was a ho hum trip.  I bought 2 Philly Cooking Cremes b/c I had a BOGO ecoupon, but it didn’t come off, so I overpaid by $3.  I am going to have to call about this b/c I am constantly loading ecoupons to my card but it seems they don’t get applied.  It is getting really old and very annoying.

So here is the good stuff:

*Classico evic special $1.27 – $1 Q I had= $.27 each

*French’s Worcestershire Sauce $1.69- $.75 Q doubled= $.19

*18ct eggs evic special @ $1.27 each- $.55/off 2 Q= $.77 each

had another $.55/2 Q for eggs so I bought 2x 1 doz packs and definitely paid more than the evic special!

*m & m’s after sale & Q I paid $.99 for all SIX…these have been stashed for Easter.  If I buy a little candy here and there when on sale it doesn’t wreak havoc on that week’s grocery budget.

*Shredded cheese 8oz $1.30 each or $2.60lb–

My goal is to get what cheese I can at Sam’s for an average of $2lb and fill in the gaps with other varieties for as cheap as I can.

*Lays chips BOGO sale & Q= $.89 each— such a good thing these aren’t on sale this cheap all the time!

*land o lakes buttery spread BOGO evic special that didn’t come off right.

I went to customer service and since they were out of stock of the right version I got a refund for the free one.  In the end I paid $.35 each!

*Campbells tomato soup $.50 each limit 4- Q= $.30 each

*OREO, evic special @ $1.99- used $1 Q when you buy milk– EASY ENOUGH!

*blue Diamond roasted Almonds $1.20 each

*Angel Soft TP $4.99 after sale & Q–

I have noticed that TP doesn’t go dirt cheap very often and when it does there is usually a limit of 1 or 2.  Now that I have noticed that I pick up TP when it is around $.40 a roll regardless of if  we need it or not.  Being a large family we can go through TP rather quickly, and I don’t want to get stuck having to pay full price b/c I haven’t picked up a pack or two here and there.

So of my $50 spent (should have been $47.) $10 was just for 2 packs of TP.  TP used to be one of those items we routinely ran out of and would HAVE to make a trip to Sam’s/Walmart to pick some up.  But since couponing we have NEVER had to make an emergency trip for that item!


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