Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Food Lion 3-19-11 March 19, 2011

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Spent:  $12.24

Saved:  ??

After sale price of $.60 each & $5 Q each can cost $.35 + tax.  That is a good price for stocking up or donating.


Here is a great trick when looking for food items to be donated:  look for cheap & on sale!  I know you are saying YEAH I know that, what’s new???

Here is the deal:  Food Lion is running a PRIVATE BRAND SALE- any home 360 or Food Lion brands are included.

For every 10 items I buy I save $2.50 or $.25 an item.

I can buy up to 40 items in each transaction and it would spit out a $10 Q or again $.25 an item.


Here is the catch it DOES NOT come off AUTOMATICALLY.   At the end of my transaction a coupon will print out a COUPON for my savings. I can then use that savings on my next order or another day’s shopping trip.

Normally, I would do TWO TRANSACTIONS.  I would ring up the items I know will spit out a coupon and then turn around and ring up the rest of my items and use my coupon right then and there to help cover the second half of my order.  This way means I don’t have to keep up with the coupon until my next trip and I have saved myself  X amount of money right then.  I didn’t do that today at Food Lion b/c I wanted to show this to everyone!


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