Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Sam’s 2-18-11 February 19, 2011

Filed under: Sam's — queen620 @ 2:21 pm

We finally got around to renewing our Sam’s membership.  I am not expecting to see sky high savings, but there have been some things like milk & eggs that we are consistently over paying.  Also with 2 large dogs I can’t seem to buy enough good quality dog food when it is on sale to keep up with demand!  I think we will try to make a once a month trip to Sam’s for milk & eggs and maybe meat if I haven’t found it for a better price.

I spent $68  and $40 for membership.

I only have to save $4.25 a month to make it pay for itself.

We can probably get those savings just from getting gas there when we are on that side of town.

Tonight I bought cat food 18lbs $10.88 & dog food 50lb $18.98,

Generic Tylenol 1,000ct  $8.48 & Generic Advil 1,000 count-  $8.48,

Generic 200 ct Acid Reducer $9.98

16oz real vanilla $6.64 (yes I know I can get it for cheaper sometimes, but we use a lot of vanilla & it is hard to keep up with demand)


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