Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Harris Teeter Friday 1-7-11 SD January 7, 2011

Filed under: Harris Teeter — queen620 @ 3:42 pm

Spent:  $33.12

Saved:  $80.70

Total Value:  $113.82

71% savings

I had a Rain Check for regular Old Orchard juice- I know the healthy balance is on sale this week, but no one likes it around here.  It has splenda in it and just tastes off.  Anyway after Q & RC I paid $.60  for a bottle of juice that originally cost $3.19.  I think that is pretty sweet b/c my average buy price for high quality juice is $1.50, so anything less is just plain SWEET.

*Regina vinegar $.35 each

*Peter Pan $.66 each

*Bayer baby Aspirin- only low dose left in stock that matches my Q FREE-

this is where it really pays off to read the Q carefully.  This was the only “low dose” aspirin left in stock.  It met all the parameters of my Q, but most people would just assume that it doesn’t match the picture on the Q and they would just leave it.  And here I come and pick it up b/c it matched what my Q said, but didn’t match the picture.

*Lysol wipes $1 each

*wholly queso $2.99


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