Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Harris Teeter 11-16-10 November 17, 2010

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Spent:  $56.56

Saved:  $157.01

Total Value:  $213.57

74% savings


I must confess, I thought I was going to spend A LOT MORE this week.  I knew I was going to be buying a lot of more expensive items for the holidays, but the sales were great and I focused on free/cheap items.  I also had $16 in CAT Q from a few weeks ago, so that helped bring my total down.  I also took some time to stroll up and down the wine/beer aisle and found $7 worth of Q that I used today.  One of the best Q was save $3 on a purchase of turkey.  HELLO, I already had a turkey in my basket!  I also found hang tags for $2 off ANY CHEESE.  I already had shredded cheese in my cart.  I had planned to pay $.65 a pack, so since this was a higher  dollar amount Q  than mine I decided to go get more cheese.  I still paid $.65 each, but I walked out with 5 packs instead of 2 like I had planned.

*Turkey $.39 lbx 12lb turkey =$ 4.69 – $3 Q= $1.69 or $.14lb

*Lysol toilet bowl cleaner $1 each (not best price, but I would hate to run out and have to pay full price!)

*Crisco sticks $1.39

*Sunmaid Raisins $1.62 each (I ordered more Q b/c we can eat a lot of raisins in a year)

*Mariani banana chips FREE after Q

*Mariani dried pineapple $.50 each

-these coupons were not in my inserts so I bought 20 off of ebay for around $1.50.  the sale will be going until the end of the month, so I should be able to get lots of dried pineapple, yogurt covered raisins & banana chips.   I have NEVER noticed these b4 I probably wouldn’t have bought them w/o the Q.

*Martha White corn muffin mix $.10 each

*Hillshire farm shaved deli meat $2.40 or so

*Pineapple evic special $2.99

*Krusteaz pancake mix $1.29 evic special

*Kraft shredded cheese $.65

*mazola spray $.49

*Hellman’s mayo $1.35

*8 o’clock whole bean coffee $1.87

*Nestle tollhouse cookies $1- I can’t make homemade that cheap!

*Helluva good dip $.89

*Milk $2.47

*eggs UGH should have bought more last week when on sale!

*Libby pumpkin puree $1.25 each…

I know Aldi is probably cheaper, but I don’t really want to make an extra trip just for that!

I don’t know I will check the fliers maybe b/c I make pumpkin bread & pumkin pancakes year round.  I didn’t make much this year, b/c last year there was a legitimate pumpkin shortage, so it was harder to find last year.  At least we had processed our pumpkins into puree so it we had some.


*Kleenex tissues $.10 each

NOPE, I didn’t mistype that!  There is a CAT promo going on right now…

buy 6, get $3 CAT good ON YOUR NEXT ORDER.
I used two Q $.50/on 3 so after my Q doubled I saved $2.

Kleenex 110ct $.88 x 6= $5.28

– $2 in Q= $3.28, and then get $3 CAT back.

I had problems with the Q doubling so I think I ended up paying $.10 each.

I bought some more Q today, so hopefully I can do the deal a few more times.


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