Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Harris Teeter Super Doubles Monday 11-8-10 November 8, 2010

Filed under: Harris Teeter — queen620 @ 4:45 pm

Spent:  $38.14

Saved:  $139.90

Total Value:  $178.04

79% savings

I did some shopping for a friend tonight that is why there was so much stuff!

Lots of the same stuff I have been buying all week.  It has been a great week and I have spent very little Out Of Pocket.

*Burleson honey $5.99 for 40 oz.

That is a pretty good price.  The only place I get honey cheaper is Sam’s, but unfortunately almost every time we get the 5lb container of honey it crystallizes before we finish it.

*Krusteaz pancake mix $1.25 –

I know not ultra cheap, but I love the blueberry pancake mix and every time I buy 1 the Catalina machine spits out another Q!

*Bumble Bee tuna pouch FREE

*Oreos $1.99 with purchase of milk—HELLO that was an easy requirement to fulfill!

*Crisco Sticks $1.49-

I know overpriced per ounce, but I know I get perfect CRUMB FREE shortening every time I use them to make frosting or fondant.

*2 Nutella $1.99 each

*3/4 lb tilapia $1 after sale & Q

*eggs $.77 great price- not like it really mattered.  I buy eggs almost every week regardless of price.

*Green Giant Veggies $.30 a can- great price for donating

*Bush’s grillin beans FREE

*Martha White Muffin Mix $.03 each  – great to donate

*Craisins B2G3 FREE $.74 a pack after sale & Q


When I was at Skeet Club Rd store I was able to use a $5/ off $20 purchase from Kerr Drug- which just happens to be in their parking lot!

I also used 5 x $1 off total grocery order- those DOUBLED to save me $10.  That was a huge find with all those wine tags.  They have saved me so much $$ this week.   I don’t feel the least bit guilty for taking them off the wine bottles b/c the coupons state VERY SPECIFICALLY—- NO ALCOHOL PURCHASE REQUIRED.  Of course the wine maker would prefer me to use their coupon and buy their wine, but they can’t REQUIRE IT.   Lucky me 🙂

I have a few more things to pick up tomorrow.  Tomorrow trip will be pretty expensive b/c I need to get some higher dollar items that I have been putting off getting.   It has been a GREAT super doubles.




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