Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Harris Teeter 11-3-10 Wednesday SUPER DOUBLES November 3, 2010

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Spent:  $2.82

Saved:  $73.36

Total Value:  $76.19

96% savings 🙂

All of the above items were FREE after sale & Q.


As you can tell it was a good first trip to HT Super Doubles today.  I had a pretty good idea of which coupons I wanted to use first anticipated they would be out of stock later in the week.  I was excited to get the Rhodes dinner rolls.  HT doesn’t always have the small packs in stock, but today they did.  I think I am going to dig and see if I have anymore Q for them.  Although I am expecting them to be out of stock very soon!

*I was also happy about the Bush’s grillin’ beans.  I bought Q a few weeks ago, but my Q got here to late for the sale.  Hopefully that means that everyone else has already used up their Q and I will be able to get them all week!

*College Inn Broth BOGO- so after Q Free.  I still have Qn left from a few weeks ago.  Broth seems to only go on sale during the fall, so I am making sure I am stocked up until next year.

*Tollhouse cookies–just b/c !!!

*2,000 flushes–see I get more than just food at HT.  I have $1 off IP Q that I will use first, but later in the week I will be down to my $.55 off Q, but that is okay that still leaves them $.85 a pack.

*coffeemate creamer FREE

Okay now onto the not free stuff!!!


*Filipo Berio EVOO x 3= $1.99 each

Did you get that???  There were hang tags on the bottles last week worth $1 off.  They are on sale this week for $3.99, – $2 Q Doubled= $1.99 for really high quality EVOO.  I paid full price for this stuff just 2 weeks ago b/c I was out.  I am planning to buy as much as I can this week!

*Martha White muffin mix $.03–stock up or donate price!

*Wholly Guacamole $.99– bummer though the Q didn’t scan right, so I don’t know if I will be able to get anymore this week.  The  cashier was nice enough to override it, this was very surprising b/c it was the lady who is usually VERY MEAN.  Maybe she remembers me complaining?!?

*I also snagged a BUNCH of wine tag coupons last week.  Wine tag coupons don’t usually require and Alcohol purchase, of course they would prefer if I bought their wine, but it isn’t required.  Anyway, the ones I snagged were save $1 off/ purchase of $5 or more groceries.  This will also Double so now I am saving $2 off my groceries.  I got enough to use 2 or so everyday or an extra $4 savings.  Now these do count towards my total 20 Q doubled, but that is okay if I am saving $4 off of my total purchase.  I can  live with that, it means my OOP will be lower.

*My goal this time is to get cheap/free items we NEED (maybe a few splurges…)



I saw my favorite manager and he was looking over my cart and asking what was hot this week.  I told him a few items that were FREE after Q.  He called another stock manager over to look over my cart and add to their list of items to track closely.   Maybe it means they won’t run out of all the good stuff.  He made it sound like they were ready for the Martha White muffin sale and the Green Giant sale.    He was most interested in the Nestle tollhouse cookies, Rhodes Rolls & Grillin Beans being free.


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