Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Harris Teeter 10-25-10 October 25, 2010

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Spent:  $24.67

Saved:  $57.09

Total Value:  $81.76

70% savings

Quick trip to HT tonight.  I think I did okay.  I have been working very hard to cut my grocery budget almost in half.  We budget to spend $700 a month.  I haven’t changed our budgeted amount in ages, but I have noticed that the last few months our grocery bill has been going down b/c I haven’t been stockpiling everything.  My pantry is very full of items that we eat often, so I am getting to the point that I can wait for items to hit rock bottom and stock up on just those items…and maybe have a few items that maybe aren’t rock bottom, but still a good price for stocking up on- especially if we use it a lot.    I have also been working on rotating our flour supply and control our diet a little bit more, so I have been using my bread machine to make our sandwich bread.

To be honest I was rather disappointed with myself.  I was trying to stay within $50 this week.  That is really hard for a family of 6 after buying fresh produce & milk.  It doesn’t leave much room for buying sale items.  I went over by about $20, but most of that $20 was spent at EarthFare –$12–bulk wheat glutten for the bread machine. The other was spent at Dollar General buying LOTS of 90% off summer clearance items.  I bought 20+kites, 6 pairs of water shoes, 2 sets flipper/snorkel/goodles, earplugs/nose clips for swimming, lots pool floaties… all for around $10.  SERIOUSLY 🙂

Alright enough rambling tonight’s deals were okay.   To start off with I had $9 in cat Q that help lower my expenses.

-2 FREE yoplus yogurt

-4 x martha white corn muffin mix $.05 each

(I think  I am going to get more qs off ebay)

-oscar mayer carving board meat had RC for $2.99- $1 Man Q- $1 Store Q= $.99

(will probably use the ham to make quiche later in the week)

– Thomas English muffins BOGO @ $3.69- no Q, but Brad’s likes these for breakfast

-2 gallon milk $7.

(I am amazed everytime we visit Brad’s family in Lancaster PA how cheap the milk is.  there are dairy cows EVERYWHERE.  The farms haven’t been driven out of business b/c of government interventions.    For what I spend on milk here, I could get organic milk in glass jars from.  Enough of my rant.  We eat lots of cheese and yogurt b/c they are cheaper and have more concentrated calcium & protien.  They also go on sale with coupon matchups all the time.  So currently milk is mainly for breakfast which is the only thing that lets our family of 6 get away with only using 2-3 gallons a week.)

*Wolfgang Puck broth $.49 each.

I learned my lesson last year- broth doesn’t go on sale year round, so I need to stock up for the next year NOW.   I had to suck it up and pay full price several times during the summer b/c I needed broth.  I am collecting RainChecks every time I see one of the flavors is out of stock.   This is also another area I am refusing to be brand loyal.  Free to cheap broth is good.  I make lots of soups & stews during the winter and what I know is that the brand of broth doesn’t make or break my meals!

*Krusteaz muffin mix $.50 each

*Krusteaz pancake mix $1.25

(I know kind of high, but I love the blueberry pancake mix.)

*Bumblee albacore tuna pouch FREE

Bumblee bee canned chicken 2 x $.25 each

*Newmans own salsa con queso $.50

*glory beans $.09 each after Q

*Hormel chili $1 each

******clearance batteries ~$9 or so**********

I know probably could have been cheaper, but I didn’t have any Q.  This is another item that I just can’t keep in our stash.  Sam’s had much better prices even after clearanced batteries or sale + Q.

*blue diamond nuts, $.90 after evic special & Q


Overall I guess it was an okay night.  I am going to be irritated with myself that I went over my “mental” budget, but I am having a hard time breaking away for the stocking up mentality and actually living off our stash.  I am really trying to be careful about what we are buying, so we will see how it goes over the next few months on our reduced budget.


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