Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Food Lion 10-25-10 October 25, 2010

Filed under: Food Lion — queen620 @ 3:57 pm

Spent:  $27.60

Saved:  $21.69

Total Value:  $49.247

44% savings

Yeah, I know not impressive numbers, but it isn’t summer anymore and produce prices are already reflecting that!

I also had to buy Olive Oil.  I really think EVOO is one of those items where the Sam’s price can’t be beat.  For our family we will go through the gallon of EVOO long before it goes bad.  I really need to renew my Sam’s membership and make a big trip.

I bought 10 packs of Kraft cheese over 2 transactions.

Here was the deal, buy 5 Kraft items save $5 instantly, I also had a $5/off 5 Kraft cheese items-

$2.50x 4= $10. (shreds & slices) + $2.99 (block)= $12.99- $5 instant savings- $5 Q= $2.99 or $.60 each


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