Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Food Lion 9-25 & 9-28 September 29, 2010

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Spent:  $4.50 or so,

Saved:  $35. or so, sorry lost 1 of the reciepts

Total Value:  $39.50

89% savings &

I got $3 CAT coupon for next order.   I will be back for more.

The deal was:

*aquapod $1. each, buy 3 get $3 Q on NEXT ORDER- or FREE after promo!

*whisk $3.99- $3. Q= $.99 each

Tuesday 9-28-10

Spent:  $.30


Total Value: $39.30

99% savings

Yep, went back for more aquapods!  There plenty when I left so before I get accused of clearing the shelves…although the manager was very quick to offer me more from the back.  I opted to leave them for someone else.


Picture not found so sorry-

12 aquapods + 2 wisk detergents

spent:  $2.30

Saved:  $39.00

Total value:  $41.30

94% savings, left with $3 cat to roll later!


So in total I spent $7.10

Saved:  74.00

Total Value:  $81.10

91% savings

I got 39 packs of aquapods & 3 x 50 oz Wisk detergent & I left with $3. store credit coupon remaining.

I have a few rainchecks left so I will get those later in the week and then roll that final $3. into whatever is on sale and get it back.  So when all is said and done I will have gotten 45 packs of water and only paid $.02 tax per pack!!!


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