Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Harris Teeter 9-24-10 September 24, 2010

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Spent:  $44.30

Saved:  $69.34

Total Value:  $113.64

61% savings

Super doubles is over 😦 back to normal sales & prices!

It was a quick trip into Harris Teeter.  I only needed a few items and I am trying to scale way back on my grocery budget and live off of our stockpile starting next week.  I am going to make another trip back to cash in on some meat rainchecks and use $33 worth of Q good on my meat purchase from buying all that hamburger helper & old el paso last week.

Good deals:

*Shamrock milk $.25 each

*HT deli meat buy2 get 3 free…bought 10 packs

$10 for 2 1/2 lbs of meat/cheese…almost as good price as Sam’s

**HOT DEAL**  Philadelphia cheese $1.25 buy 4 get -FREE philly cream cheese cook book $19.95 value (store was out took down my info)

I bought 5 b/c I had a $5. /off 5 Kraft coupon so

$6.25 total – $5. = $1.25 total or $.25 each!

I will be getting more when I go back that is a HOT price on cream cheese, especially with the holidays just around the corner.

*Scotch brite sponges $1. –3 pack

*Kraft dressing $.27

*misc produce $10 or so

*1/2 gallon OJ $1.99

I love OJ, but it has been hard to find it for cheap, I know I need to go to Aldi more often!



Barrilla pasta $1. sale- $.55 Q doubled to $1.00 (no overage allowed) = FREE


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