Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Harris Teeter SD Tuesday 9-21-10 September 22, 2010

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Spent:  $38.43

Saved:  $149.41

Total Value:  $187.84

80% savings

I did spend more tonight b/c I bought a few items that were more expensive to begin with & I also was shopping for a friend.

*I make my own laundry detergent & I add WASHING soda to my laundry so getting it for $2.49 a box is a good price…

especially since no one else sell it except HT!

*more FREE danactive & danimal yogurt

*Panko bread crumbs $.99

*RC $.99 A1 marinade + Qn good for steak, used $6 in ONYO coupons to get a free rib eye.  The steak wasn’t that much, but my ONYO counted toward other stuff.

*Zatarans- $.83 a box LOVE THIS STUFF!

*did the pilsbury deal again

*did the buy 20 save $6 instantly on both cards

*more Green Giant veggies— I think I made up for how awful our garden did on everything except tomatoes!

*more progresso soup—Brad said I didn’t buy enough the night before!

Although I rarely get it for $.60 a can, so I was fine with buying more!

Overall it was a GREAT week at Harris teeter.

My overall total for the week was

Spent:  $134.91

Saved:  $761.39

Total Value:  $896.30

85% savings



Monday 9-20-10 Harris Teeter SD

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Spent:  $35.06

Saved:  $186.43

Total Value:  $221.50

84% savings

I did some shopping for a friend tonight.  I hit 2 different stores b/c my store was getting very picked over.  I spent more tonight b/c I bought some more expensive items and I am running out of $3 off Qn from buying all the green giant veggies & pillsbury stuff.  I have lots left good toward meat, but I am trying to hold onto those and use some rainchecks next week and really cash in on them!

I did have a few good deals.

*Progresso Soup- Brad’s favorite flavor that he loves to take for his lunches $.60 a can

*Puppy Chow $6.  or so a bag.

FREE activia & danimals yogurt

*mahatma yellow rice $.25 each

*Shamrock milk $.25 each

*m&m ice cream $.50 I think

* kakhi egg rolls/ frozen dinners $1.10 each

*organic eggs $.80 a pack

*8 green giant veggies- $.20 a box AND got $3. CAT Qn back


3 packs Kraft shredded cheese  & 2 deli deluxe cheese- $.55 each after STORE mailer Qn BOGO Kraft shredded cheese & BOGO Kraft deli deluxe cheese,

Store promo- buy3 save $3 &   Kraft buy5/ save $5.

It took a lot to work this deal— THREE things working for me!  But in the end I got cheap cheese 🙂


CVS Sat. 9-18-10

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CVS- combined total

Spent:  $6.07

Saved:  $10.99

Total Value:  $17.06

64% savings

left with $13.98 ECB

My transaction is on the left and paidcash out of pocket entirely b/c I didn’t have any low value ECB and there wasn’t much I wanted to buy.  Brad’s purchase was on the right and he paid less then $2 for both items and left with 9 ECB.  Good quick trip since I had to run in and get a Rx.


Saturday 9-18-10 Harris Teeter SD

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Spent:  $11.84

Saved:  $107.54

total Value:  $119.38

90% savings

then hubby called and said he need lots of refrigerated pie crust…

I spent $16. on 6 boxes of pie crust.  And yes I had coupons 😦   I really need to learn how to make a good pie crust.  Pie crusts are so OVER PRICED for what actually goes in them.

$16 not included in above totals, but will be in monthly totals!




Friday 9-17-10 Harris Teeter SD

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Spent:  $11.20

Saved:  $114.02

Total Value:  $125.22

91% savings + got back  $24 good OnYourNextOrder

I did the General Mill promo buy 20 items, save $6 instantly twice.  I didn’t go over my 20 Qn limit (my friend was using her own card tonight!

I don’t remember everything buy here is a try:

2 Hormel  tenderloins FREE

12 pillsbury items- 6 each transaction, so I got  $6 ONYO Qs at end

18 green giant boxed veggies- 9 each transaction, got $6 ONYO Qs at the end

6 Hamburger Helper- got $3. ONYO Q at end good on meat

12 old el paso seasoning, got $6 ONYO at checkout good on meat

2 Pillsbury sweet moments $.50 each –it is good these aren’t on sale very often 🙂

Betty crocker cake mix & frosting $.20 each after sale, qn & GM promo


I am so excited I took a friend shopping with me and showed her how to kick it up a notch with coupons.   She used them a lot before, I just explained all the great promos for this week and walked her through them.  She saved 75%!