Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Harris Teeter 9-16-10 September 17, 2010

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Spent $.50

Saved:  $93.27

Total Value:  $93.77

99.46 % savings


I had  a great trip to HT last night!  My total was so low b/c I used $15 worth of Catalina ONYO Qn that I got the day before, but don’t worry I walked out with another $12 worth of ONYO coupons!!!

There are some smockin’ sales this week and on things we NEED like veggies & yogurt.  I don’t exactly need Hamburger helper, but if it is free after coupon & promo I will certainly take it.  This is great stuff to hold onto for food donations which will be just around the corner.  Just b/c you don’t eat something doesn’t mean hungry people would turn it down.


So here goes

*buy 20 participating General Mill items save $6 instantly (there are LOTS of items on the list, very doable for anyone)

– 8 Green giant boxed veggies 2Q x $.60

(got a $3 ONYO Qn  IN addition to the $6 instant savings)

-6 refrigerated pilsbury items- bought various items b/c store was VERY picked over

-$.40 on 3 grands biscuits

-$.35 Q/ pizza crust

– 2Q x $1. 0ff/ 1 sweet moment (making these $.20 each after everything!)

(got $3 ONYO coupon from pillsbury  IN addition to the $6 instant savings)

-6 Hamburger Helper

$.75/ off 3 meaning I paid $.20 each box and then got-

($3 ONYO Q IN addition to the  $6. instant  savings)

———————The rest of the order———————

*6 Old el Paso seasoning $3 total,

(got back $3 ONYO  good for meat!  So free.  I wish I had some coupons to go with this deal!)

Once again I might not need this many packets, but when we shopped at sam’s we always bought the HUGE container of taco seasoning.  I know we haven’t even gotten close to getting as much seasoning as come in those jars!  These are also great to donate if you are delivering food to someone.  I always have salsa & beans & tacos so someone could be halfway to making a real meal.

*8 packs of various Dannon yogurt FREE

-on sale $1.99, $1 off Q doubled so FREE

*Hormel 27 oz pork tender loin $2.99!!!

Great price for a wonderful cut of meat.  I will be looking for more coupons and collecting rainchecks.  Even at $3.99 during normals weeks would be a great price for an easy and delicious meal.

*String cheese $.99 each

I was hoping to buy some string cheese this week, but didn’t know  how much it would be.   I was prepared to pay $2 or so for these, but my BFF VIC had me covered.  Buy 3 save 3 instantly.  So that in addition to my 3 x$1. off Q made for a great price.


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