Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Harris Teeter SUPER DOUBLES 9-15-10 September 15, 2010

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Spent:  $15.81

Saved:  $99.72

Total Value:  $115.53

86% savings

+ got back $12.00 catalina good ONYO (on your next order)

+ $12 catalina good ONYO of beef or chicken!

So basically, HT PAID me to shop today 🙂

*Here is what I did– 2 Transactions

my transactions were basically identical,

save the ice creams being different & accidentally picking up a frozen dinner instead of eggrolls (sorry HT I wasn’t trying to cheat you)

*6 Hamburger Helper

-buy 5, get ONYO Q good for $3 meat—I bought 6 b/c my Q were save $1. / 3

*6 various pillsbury refrigerated items

–buy 6 participating items (there are lots of them)  get $3. ONYO Q

I have various coupons so I used my highest $$ amount today, b/c they may be sold out by the end of the week!

*9 green giant BOXED vegtables

–buy 8, get $3 ONYO Q

************Store promo IN ADDITION to sale & Qn was buy 20 items INSTANTLY save $6.************

There were a ton of various items included in this promo, my goal today was to spend as little on things we needed/wanted & walk out with a bunch of ONYO Q good for later!


*other stuff

*M&M’s/ Snickers  icecream sandwiches BOGO

I bought these a while back and there were $1 off 1 box Qn inside the box.  Yeah for me!!!

*Kakhi eggrolls BOGO

$1 off printable Qn so $.25 I think

Very annoyed I picked up one package that wasn’t an eggroll, my Qn still worked so I had no clue until I got home 😦

*12 Old El Paso taco seasoning

–buy 6 get $3 ONYO good for meat purchase

I bought 6 with each transaction.  So basically they were free after the ONYO printed!!!

I know that is a lot of hamburger helper, but it is great for all the food drives that are just around the corner at the Holidays.  And I really don’t have any money in them after sale, promo & cat ONYO Qn.  I think I will be coming home with lots of these this week b/c they make it easy to get to the required 20 items.  I see myself getting lots of this and veggies.  I have been waiting for veggies to go on sale and what is better than FREE veggies???


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