Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Harris Teeter 9-1-10 September 4, 2010

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Spent:  $23.22

Saved:  $45.04

Total Value $ 68.26

65% savings

This was a quick trip we needed milk, so I of course went to HT 🙂

I picked up a few things that were on sale.  I order coupons for Dole mandarin oranges & tropical fruit so I have been trying to pick them up every time I go in.  The CS person wasn’t to thrilled about giving me a Rain Check for the mandarin oranges since they weren’t in the flier.  But in the end I was really nice and point out they had been out of stock most of the last week and I couldn’t guarantee they would have any more next time I come back.

The spaghetti is BOGO Free, and the lasagna was buy 3/ save $1.oo.

I had a Q$2/ off 5 mueller  items so it worked out to be $1.40 for each lasagna.  This is a good price since I never really see lasagna noodles on sale.

*Chock full o’ nuts coffee- Columbian $1.00

*Dawn $.99

*Hellman’s mayo $1.00 after BOGO & IQ

*Cheese Nips $.75 each

(I know if I had bought them during Super doubles they would have been FREE…I feel so guilty & shameful!!!)

*Muir Glen Tomato paste $.05 – I had a IQ for $.75 off any product!

*Dole tropical fruit $.50 a can


Well, sorry only 1 of the m&m’s was free, the other was $.39!!!

*Gain PG 8-29-10 $1. off 1

*Gain home mailer for 1 free 11 oz bottle

This is where I used to mess up with using coupons.  I would have used that $1. off coupon to buy the larger bottle.  Yes, I would still save $1, but it wouldn’t be free.  What I have discovered is that by frequently buying the smaller items I pay less.  B/c I get several newspaper inserts I can simple buy more items-use more coupons  to get the amount I need.   Of course I would use the larger bottle at $.69, but  by using 2 coupons I got 2 small bottles for FREE.

This works over and over again with couponing.   That is how I get diapers so cheap and salad dressing and yogurt and well…the list could go on!

FREE is FREE (well, except for tax!)


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