Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Harris Teeter 8-24-10 August 25, 2010

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Spent:  $45.49

Saved:  $53.83

Total Value:  $99.32 & got $3 ONYO Q from Dole

54 % savings

I know my savings haven’t been too high the last few trips, but HT doesn’t run Super Doubles or Triples every week!  There were a few things that I NEEDED to buy.  I had to buy the 2 boxes cake mix, 2 bags powdered sugar & 2 things of McCormick flavorings.  Thar alone was almost $12.  I know how can I possible need cake mix after all I bought a few months ago…well I do make cakes on the side and all of my kids have had birthdays & I have made several HUGE baby shower cakes.  I am making a cake this weekend so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to run out of any supplies and have to run out last minute!

*bought more goldfish- I am wishing I had bought more.

*RC skippy PB $.70 each

My kids can eat some goldfish and they are really small bags.  Even according to the label there are only 6 servings in it.  So it would not be unusual for all 6 of us to finish off 1 bag at a time!

*Dole spend $10 get 3 electronic store Qn off next order.  I broke this up into 2 transactions b/c I already had a balance of $8 toward the $10 needed.

I had a variety of coupons, but I really wanted Mandarin oranges- they only had 2 cans 😦  I got a raincheck for those b/c $1 a can is still a good price for me even without the promo deal.     I did see that the prices & promo are going for another week so I came home and bought a larger variety of coupons from ebay.   The sale also included fruit bowls, canned juice, the jarred fruit and most of the larger cans of fruit.

After Super Doubles Brad & I were reviewing our stockpile and realized the only things we were getting low on were canned fruits & frozen vegetables.  Now I need to clear some space in anticipation of good sales w/ coupon match ups on frozen veggies 🙂    (The veggies were sorta on sale, but no real Q to go with it so I didn’t buy any.)

*Hilshire farm deli meat $2.50 or so a pack-

This is another item that i really have to limit or else I couldn’t afford to feed my growing boys.  The kids eat PB &J almost everyday and deli sandwiches on the weekend when Brad is home.  On the weekend’s we can clean off an entire package at one setting…and let’s not forget the cheese that must go along.

I don’t know how I am going to afford to feed them as they keep growing.  I will easily have 3 teenage boys living in my home at the same time & for many years!!!  Maybe I should just start a farm now!?!


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