Saving Green with the Queen!

The Queen of Coupons that is!

Harris Teeter Super Doubles 8-17-10 August 17, 2010

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Spent:  $36.54

Saved:  $100.84

Total Value:  $137.38

73% savings

*5 x pampers $3. after Raincheck & Qn, I should have only been able to double 3 of my 5 Q, but I think b/c I hadn’t reached my limit of 20 coupons they still doubled!!!   YAY, that means I got almost an entire huge case for $15.  (a huge Sam’s/ BabiesR Us case has 6 packs and averages $40)

*5 M &M’s ice cream cookies — $1.13 a box

Did you get that…for what I might pay for ONE at a GAS STATION I got a box of six!

I had a raincheck for these and the snicker ice cream bars I bought last week had $1/ off 1 Qn inside.  I didn’t think I was going to be able to use that raincheck anytime soon b/c I didn’t have any Q to match to it!!!

*3x Peter Pan PB sale 3/$5 or $1.66 each, had $.60 Q= $.46 each

My hubbie really liked the PB w/ honey & my store doesn’t carry that one, so I went to Skeet Club Rd instead- also had to go there to get the icecream b/c my stores freezers were broken so NO ice cream!

*Smart Balance PB 2/$5. or $2.50, had $1/ off Q bought from ebay= $.50 jar!!!

I know you guys must be thinking why so much PB, well I have been couponing since last November and the cheapest I have paid for PB was $.89.   On average we use 1-2 jars a WEEK, so if I want to be stocked for a year- until it is on sale this cheap again- I need at least 100 jars.  I know that seems crazy, but PB has a shelf life of 12-18months unopened, of course at my house once opened it is usually gone in a week!

Brad also likes to send soldier care packages.  He ALWAYS puts a jar of PB in there.    We would like to increase how many we can send and we can do that by having a good stockpile available and all we have to pay for is shipping- which is still rather expensive b/c these are HEAVY boxes!

*Cheese Nips FREE- so annoyed- I should have read my coupons & sales better I could have bought more this week.  I bought RITZ cracker coupons from ebay, but didn’t actually read them until yestarday when I realized they were good on ANY Nabisco crackers!!!   Oh well at least we are well stocked on Ritz, which my kids eat a lot of.  We often make our “lunchable” kits or just eat PB with Ritz crackers.  I was pretty excited to get Ritz for $.99, last time I was at Aldi I think they were $2.

*Wheat Thins- $.50 after sale & Qn

*2x ~ 1/2 lb Salmon Fillets- my cost after Q was $5-$6 per fillet.  I know I could have used my coupons on tillapia or something cheaper and paid a lot less this week, but Salmon is such a healthy fish that I think it was worth it to get this week.  We used to each Salmon once a week or so, but since we didn’t renew or Sam’s membership no Salmon lately and after awhile canned tuna just doesn’t cut it!

*Italian sausage on markdown, I think each pack was $2.50 or so.



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